T-Fal Pots and Pans in the Dishwasher?

This may sound like a naive question, but can I put T-fal Armaral pots and pans in the dishwasher?

(Well, I know I can, but will it harm them?)

I’ve not had a problem with Tefal frying pans (of which I’ve had several over many years - it’s a leading brand here).

That said, I’ve just looked on their website which notes that not all of their products are dishwasher safe and, even for those which are, it still recommends a hand wash

Hi Evelyn,

I don’t know the T-fal Armaral line but this might help: T-fal USE & CARE INSTRUCTIONS
On a very general note, I think any DW will ultimately harm about any kind of cookware in due time. The real question is: how long will it take? :upside_down_face:

I’m seventy-one years old, and if we ever move to a smaller place with an induction stovetop, the T-fal will be useless anyway, so I’m not going to be concerned about long-term problems. (And I probably wouldn’t put them in every time I use them either.)

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The DW is a harsh environment, and as others have said, it will lead to faster wear and tear on many things. One way to mitigate is to use less than the mfg’s recommended amount of dishwasher detergent - it’s quite caustic, and is probably the biggest culprit, now that most newer dishwashers don’t have heating elements. The heated elements were often responsible for loss of color, or melting off metal rims on china and glassware. Hence the advent of the china and crystal cycles that debuted about 30+ years ago.
Do I put everything in the DW? - pretty much, except for good knives, some glassware or antique pieces. I use the china infrequently, so it goes in too - so far it’s fared very well. Oh, and to answer the question, the T-fal goes in too, unless there’s other hand washing to do.