Swiss Water Process Decaf K-Cups??

Doc say no caffeine so switching to decaf; Google says Swiss Water Process method is the most caffeine-free decaf. Need K-Cups and finding several on line but virtually nothing at my local SoCal chain markets.

Whole Foods 365 brand says ‘water princess’ but not “Swiss”. Albertsons must have 50+ different K-Cups but only 2-3 decaf and NONE say water process let alone Swiss. Mother’s Market (supposedly very healthy stuff here) had nothing. I assume the WF product is a non-royalty similar process but not sure.

My favorite caffeinated coffe is Peet’s Major Dickason’s beans. Just mentioning that as a reference point for any recommendations anyone might have, especially if I need to buy on line.

Thanks fir any and advice.

I am unfamiliar with Peet’s. I adore TJ’s medium roast decaf beans but they are in a canister, not Kcups.

Major Dickason is available in a decaf K-cup version.

Thanks for the heads-up. The research I’ve done says that many decafs aren’t completely decaffeinated and I’m trying to eliminate as much caffeine as possible. Supposedly the Swiss Water Process eliminates all by 1/2 of 1%. It must cost a lot to do and to use the name because I’ve probably checked 50+ decafs in K-cups in stores and the only place the prices is mentioned by name is on product I find on Amazon.

I work in an industry that involves coffee. I’m not aware of any major companies using this method to decaffeinate Coffee. From what I see online, it seems to be a pretty specialized process that only a few boutique roasters utilize.

The Swiss Water Process came on my radar back in the mid-1980’s when I was purchasing for a restaurant. I don’t know but I doubt that today’s current methods are inferior. If they were, I would think there still would be a market for decaf processed by the SWP method. The K-Cup market is huge, very competitive and profitable , so if a manufacturer could distinguish themselves by offering a (perceived) superior/healthier product, they would do so. Maybe SWP was/is just marketing hype.

I need to do more Googling, but I did find info to the effect that SWP gets out 99.5% of caffeine vs. something like 85% fur other methods. In my case, I think the simplest way is to watch symptoms with each unless my Doc just says to get the lowest caffeine I can to be the safest.

I think that to sold as decaf there has to be at least 97% less caffeine than regular. If you want to use a Swiss Water Process coffee perhaps you can get a reusable K-cup and fill your own?

To meet FDA guidelines, decaf coffee must have <3% caffeine. Many are even lower than that.

One test I read about found an average more like 8%. I know the FDA number is 3 but it doesn’t sound as if that’s guaranteed and I haven’t seen percentages shown on packaging. I need to check the websites of these makers to see if they list %s though I’d think they don’t as showing something more than 3% would be violating FDA guidelines.

Sounds like this is not an issue for most folks. I’ve made it one but am not really sure I need to. Oh, well.