Sweetened Condensed Milk...

I never buy this stuff… as I find it kinda disgusting. But for recipes like this: what can I substitute for it?

Can I just reduce fresh milk with a little sugar? Or maybe a sweetened roux?

How about a lot of sugar?

I think the carmelization might be important in savory dishes. I don’t know how much difference it will make with just two Tbs. , but you can get squeeze bottles that close and it keeps forever.

My husband loves that stuff, but he does dilute it.


IMO, for that recipe you absolutely can. I tried making my own to use in a homemade yogurt recipe, and it was a spectacular failure. I’m therefore wary of subs if the recipe calls for a can of it, for instance.


Thanks! I have also just stumbled on this site that mentions coconut cream (which I always have), plus I love coconut and can’t see that it will harm any dish (especially heavily spiced ones).

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That sounds like a great idea!

P.S. I love carnitas! I’d lovetohearhowthis recipeturns out. I’m looking for a way to make a small batch, maybe with “country style” ribs.

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In fact I think it will be good, you may just notice a subtle hint of coconut.

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Thanks! You guys are amazing.

There’s also condensed coconut milk available. Which is awesome in Vietnamese coffee, hot or iced.


Sweetened condensed milk in low amounts like that doesn’t really make things sweet. I make a savory tart crust once in a while which contains a couple of tablespoons and it doesn’t taste sweet. Instead there’s this buttery roundness to the flavor.
For carnitas you’ll see tons of different methods. Some people use Coca Cola. It’s really just about a little sugar that caramelizes and aids in crisping they meat. With the condensed milk there is also the protein in the milk that helps to brown. I find just the sugar in the orange juice alone is enough, but you could also just sprinkle a little sugar to caramelize. With such a small amount you don’t have to stress too much about a 1:1 replacement.