Survey: Your Favorite Thanksgiving Pie?

What is your favorite pie for Thanksgiving?

Here, I am listing a few popular pies based on a 2012 NPR survey

a) apple
b) strawberry
c) pumpkin
d) cherry
e) blueberry
f) pecan
g) lemon meringue
h) chocolate
i) chess
j) none of the above

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Please share your favorite pie and your reason. I would love to see how our preference compares to the 2012 NPR result. Many thanks.

C ) I always liked it as far back as I can remember . With whipped cream . Homemade or Cool Whip .

Pecan. No contest.

What!? No sweet potato?

I’ll go pumpkin followed by pecan. I am very picky when it comes to pecan as I lived in GA. for a number a years and had some amazing pecan pies. Pumpkin pie I am easier to please as long as the crust is on point.


Mincemeat. I can get those other pies any time of year, but mincemeat only shows up at Thanksgiving, and is usually solely the province of home cooks. My grandmother produced a memorable one – 3 days in the making.

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A for Apple! While cherry pie is my true favorite, it’s not a pie I associate with Thanksgiving (although I do sometimes make one if I have a glut of cherries frozen from summer picking). I simply have to have apple pie with cheddar cheese for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving.

Honestly, the only pies in that list that I associate with Thanksgiving are pecan, pumpkin and apple. IMO, berry and cherry pies (and lemon) are for spring or summer, and chocolate and chess are for the depths of winter.

f) pecan. thanksgiving or otherwise.

(f) Pecan

pumpkin by a narrow margin

Pumpkin hands down. With whipped cream. And the same for breakfast the day after!

There’s no Thanksgiving here, you shouldn’t count my vote. My favorite pie is lemon meringue! Love the sour and sweet combination.

I don’t know. I still want to count your vote.

h, definitely h. In a chocolate crust with whipped cream.


chocolate pie in a chocolate crust. :slight_smile: You must love chocolate.

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My favorite food group!

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c) Me, too–especially for Thanksgiving where it feels so seasonally appropriate. My favorite one can be found at Sharpe Hill Vineyard. I liked it so much, I googled to try to figure out the recipe. Looks to be based on this and it is FABULOUS!

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I am a pecan lover all the way. Myhusband loves pumpkin. So we settle by having two pies! All the more for each of us!

My absolute favorite pie is one you don’t have on your list. It’s a Sour Cream Raisin pie. It’s a recipe that been in my mom’s family since she can remember (mom is 80). The trick is to make a VERY thick homemade sour cream. This is the first pie I learn to make. My vote won’t count.

G) lemon meringue
Funny, I’ve never thought of it as a Thanksgiving pie. My mom used to make if for my Birthday so I guess it has more birthday cake memories for me.

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