Survey: Love Raw Oyster -- Yes, no, maybe?

Hopefully, this is one of the topics with divided opinions because those are the most interesting ones.

Raw oysters: some people absolutely loves them, and some hate them.

Please feel free to provide reasons why you love or hate them. If you can kindly categorize your feeling toward them, then it will be helpful for the poll. Ranking from 1-5:

5: Absolutely love the raw oysters – so much so to willing to spend good money to seek out good oysters
4: Like them
3: Neutral – can eat them, but that’s all.
2: Dislike them
1: Absolutely hate the raw oysters – so much so to willing to spend money to NOT eat them.

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5, thought it’s not tough to find excellent oysters where I live. I only eat local oysters, s saving West Coast European travel to those areas, saving west coast and European varieties for when I travel to those areas.

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5- But I’d caveat that only certain oysters, mostly the small ones, are suitable to eat raw. Others are better cooked.


5… certain varieties more than others

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5: absolutely love them . I like to stand over the sink to shuck and eat them .

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Seriously, someone here must hate raw oysters

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5 . I love them! Fresh ground pepper, horseradish and some fresh lemon.

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  1. I love them, but who can say why? And after a big meal my favorite dessert is fried oysters.

I’m at 5 for oyster love - the flavor and texture are found in nothing else. Unfortunately it’s been quashed down a notch or two by a few run-ins with bad oysters,

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3- I can and do eat them but usually it is someone else’s idea. Ice ever had a craving for them.

Maybe it is because my grandmother always made an absolutely horrible oyster stew for Christmas every year of my childhood. We all hated it but had to eat it until my father finally told her one year (I was well into high school) that no one liked it. Turns out she didn’t like it either apparently but made it out of tradition.

What I’m really trying to get used to but think I just don’t like are fried clam bellies. They taste horrible but many here in Boston think they are wicked good. Just don’t get it at all.


Not 1! 5.

  1. Oysters on the half shell–nothing added.

I love the unadulterated taste of the sea.

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5! The brinier the better.


Seriously…Is it just the taste or a texture thing too for you
I think they are the cats meow…but I also love
fried oysters…do you dislike those as well?

Raw do nothing for me. Tried them lots of times. I love them steamed or fried or broiled or grilled.

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love them cooked, though! oyster po’boy :heart_eyes:

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Oysters I can do (just never crave) raw, fried etc.

Clam bellies it is a taste thing for me. They have this “bile”/liver metallic/rancid taste to me. I just don’t get their appeal at all.

It’s probably that little black/green funky part you are tasting

  1. I like them, and I’ll order a couple when we go out for sushi or something, but it’s not something I absolutely have to find or order when I go out.
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FIVE (why does the number turn to 1 automatically???)

Love them a whole bunch, even though it took me most of my adult life to reach that point.

My mom was always crazy for them, so she’d make me grab extra ones for my plate when we went to a seafood buffet.

I tried them each time and, while I liked the initial flavor, I couldn’t get over the aftertaste. These were mostly European origin (Belon or Fines de Claires).

Lo and behold - a good decade ago I was at another seafood buffet (in central PA at that!!!), and gave them another shot. I’ve been a convert since, and whenever I visit Philly or NYC, a lunch at Sansom Oyster House / Grand Central Station Oyster Bar is a must.

I like 'em any size, and I chew. Nothing but a squeeze of lemon for me.

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