Survey for my New Jersey Friends

So it has come to my attention that our little home board here is one of the busier boards here at Hungry Onion. While I know many of my fellow Jersian’s from our day’s at Chowhound, there are plenty of new faces and names I’m not familiar with. I know there is a “Welcome to Hungy Onion” thread on the main board(s) but I was wondering specifically where my NJ peep’s came to us from. If you don’t mind share a little about yourselves so we can;

A.) Get to know our local friends a little better
B.) See what is driving the growth of the NJ board
C.) Whatever you would like C.) to be for yourself.

Obviously I’ll start;

I came here directly from Chowhound after the downfall of the revamp. I’m from Monmouth County for the past 25 years, originally from Middlesex County!

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I also came from CH after it changed. I’m from NY, grew up in Chicago, Lived in PA for about 2 years, couple years in Europe & the last 15 yrs or so in NJ. I’ just here for the horsd’ouvres.


{{Passes Joe a cocktail wiener aka pig in a blanket}} Ok now get outta here kid ya bother me!!! :smiley: (joke)

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Also from Chowhound. That site is like a crazy ex gf to me. I swear it off but I can’t help but stalk it and hit it from time to time. Maybe that makes me the crazy ex.

I’m a 38 year old Korean dude. Man when I started Chowhound I was in my mid 20s. I live in Asbury Park, originally from South Korea and spent a few years in Montclair/Newark/Highland Park before settling here.

I like to eat things.

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Hey, I recently joined after lurking here and CH for a little bit.

Love the community and activity on this board, so I decided to join and add my experiences.

I’m 26, live in and grew up in Monmouth County and constantly scour the web for new feeds.


Located in Western Monmouth (Freehold) but cover the entire state when it comes to food. Was active on Chowhoud and eGullett for more years than I would guess and have attended a few 'hound get-togethers over the years. Need to contribute more to HO, but lurk regularly. Been quite pleased with the activity on the NJ board. Keep it up!!

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Hey GP, welcome! Good to have some fresh blood here. Hope you’ll join us for one of our HOdowns!


Interesting fact about Joon, he was actually responsible for my learning about and joining Chowhound!! Not because we were friends or even directly knew each other. He was a customer at my restaurant and he was asking me a lot of very “curious” questions. I could tell he had some agenda, so when he was finished eating I politely asked him if there were a reason behind his questions, he responded; Actually yes I belong to a food related web site…

After that I joined Chowhound to find out what people were saying about me, and that is how I found out about Chow! (Oh yeah, don’t think I don’t remember what some of you had to say about me on there…revenge is a dish best served cold people…watch your backs!!!)

Since then I’m proud to say I’ve met Joon a time or two for a few cocktails and some eats and am proud to consider him a friend.


Hey wait, I thought you were not that guy on Chowhound…what’s going on here? :wink:

@jsfein I think you, bgut and I are the oldest time Hounds here… sorry if I’m forgetting any of the other old timers. We should do something in Freehold one of these days. I like it there but don’t make it out as often as I’d like.

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I’m another refugee from the destruction of Chowhound, which I joined as a refugee from the destruction of eGullet.

I live in Freehold and grew up in Aberdeen/Matawan after moving from Brooklyn.

I really like vibe of this board and have enjoyed the people and the food at the Hodowns I’ve attended.


Active HO posters in or around Monmouth Cty that harken back to the stone age would also include @RGR and @Seal, and I suspect others. Doing something in Freehold would be great, but there’s not a lot of HO worthy options as Aarzu has already been hit up at one HO gathering. New place I’ve been meaning to check out is 618 Restaurant … this place has been a revolving door for many restaurants over the years, but I’m hearing good things regarding the current iteration.

Derp! How could I have possibly forgotten those two? Haha

618 Restaurant, is that the place that was Park Ave. Bistro, then the Park and most recently an Irish place? When it first opened up as Park Ave Bistro, with a raw bar and decent seafood menu it was very good, for about 6 mos. Then it quickly went down hill and primarily became a bar with food being secondary.

Hey all! My name is seal and I’m an irreconcilable foodie. I’ve been writing about food for most of my life. I’ve also lived in the area most of my life, the last twenty years in Freehold. My own theory for why our board is the most active is three part:

  1. We’ve always had an active, smart, and genial group in Monmouth County especially, but all over NJ.

  2. Most of us are now here - which has to do with …

  3. @NotJrvedivici taking extraordinary efforts to get us all here.


I’m originally from NYC and have been living at Jersey Shore for over 30 years. I like to cook stuff and eat out at the unusual places. I no longer have Food Network on TV so I read this thread for the latest food updates. :stew:


I also came after some hints were dropped on the old Hound board after they destroyed that board, but in format and spirit.

From Eastern Monmouth county, started in Staten Island…

Enjoy coming here to learn about gems both hidden and obvious…and to interact with the nice little group we have going here…

You are too kind.

I migrated over from CH as well
I am from New Orleans, lived there a majority of my life with time spent in Baton Rouge, Dallas, then back to New Orleans. Moved up to Hoboken in 2006 and we have lived full time in Asbury Park for a little over two years.
My porch is always open in the summer for cocktails and wine if anyone walks by on the way to the Pony or boardwalk


Monmouth county born and raised.

JR introduced me to HO from CH, in case others are wondering

Jr, any clue why this site doesn’t let you do polls? (Well to my knowledge it doesn’t as I haven’t seen any.) That would be pretty cool. I see them on other forums I belong to that aren’t food related.

Won’t let you do polls as in my thread here is a no-no? If so it’s news to me!?!?!

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