Survey for my New Jersey Friends

I meant ones where you can vote and it shows you the results. Lots of forums have them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one here.

Eastern Morris County guy who has been unduly influenced by the Monmouth County-centric postings on this board, so much so that we will drive to Neptune City to eat at the former Sudsy Mug as though it were right down the street.


Well, I am probably one of the oldest chronologically but wasn’t sure about how many Hound years that is, so I checked. I’ve been a member since 2008.

I’m MsBean here, was missybean at CH. I read way more than I post. We (me, Mr. Bean and our daughter The Sprout) love trying new things. We’re also in Monmouth County, the southern end, and lots of food here is very boring so we will often travel for new and interesting eats.

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I’m now just a NJ Board lurker. I grew up in Morris County (in the 80’s and early 90’s - the fun years of Jersey and NYC IMHO) and still have friends between there and NYC. So I lurk to see what you all are up to and see if there are any places I should know about when I go back to visit.

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I may be older than MsBean–I’ll just say I’m on Medicare. Came here from Chowhound.

Born in the Bronx, also lived in Maine, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, and Michigan before coming to NJ in 1978. (Also have visited about 60 countries, so I have definitely eaten a lot of ethnic food–my icon/avatar shows me eating a tarantula in Cambodia.) My background is Puerto Rican on my father’s side and eastern European Jewish on my mother’s. I have described my house growing up as a place where gefilte fish with rice and beans was considered a normal meal.


Love this!

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Eastern Monmouth also, from Chowhound.
Brooklyn, Florida, Brooklyn and now NJ for the last 20 years.

Hi! I’m a former Chowhound lurker who joined this board because it seemed more approachable and the layout wasn’t annoying.

I’m originally from Somerset County, but moved to Ocean County a few years ago. I’m a 29-year-old, American-born Filipina, as well as an avid home cook, baker, traveler, and eater. This community has really helped me find out about places and foods that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought to seek out (still gotta make that drive to Ferri’s…). Besides that, no one I know in real life is quite as food-obsessed as me, so reading the threads here keeps me from talking about food non-stop with people who don’t care :roll_eyes:


Ooh fun thread!

Like everyone else on this board, I came over after the disappointing “revamp” of CH. We live in Aberdeen and I grew up near Frenchtown, NJ. My parents still live there and supply me with incredible vegetables.

I love to cook and experiment. Lately, I have been on a bread kick. We are always looking for a new spot to try and this board has supplied us with some solid places to try over the last few months.

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I’ve been online in one form or another since modem-whistles. I grew up in Montclair and watched it become both a foodie Mecca and a parking nightmare.

We moved to SE Monmouth county 5 years ago. Needing new go-to’s got me back on the various food sites. Our current rotation is small but varied. And you can (usually) park easily at any of them.

I read much more than I write - but I try to read everything.

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Awesome responses thus far, thank you everyone for participating. (and those who haven’t yet please do) I’ve got to admit there are a lot more people from NJ and Monmouth County specifically than I realized.

@goodparmesan, @BossaNova, @gofish , @coldbeer70 , @Thimes , @_gossamer , @gracieggg , @The_Happy_Wizard

I had no idea all of you were from NJ! Let me officially say hello to my fellow natives.

Goodparmesan, was this your name on Chow?

goFish/Joe, how did you find us here? Where you from Chow or another source?

BossaNova, was this your handle at Chow?

coldbeer70, spread the word to some North Jersey peeps for us, maybe help save you on some gas money! lol

Thimes, “now just a NJ Board lurker”, is there a reason why you are no just a lurker?

gossamer, I’ve seen you post before but never knew you were a fellow Jersian!!

gracieggg, same with you I didn’t realize you were from NJ. My office use to be on 79 in Morganville up the road from Aberdeen. I moved to Old Bridge about 4 years ago.

TheHappyWizard, another name I recognize from here but had no idea you were NJ. Were you at Chow also?

Jersey Shore born and raised. :grin: Lived about a year each in Valley Forge, PA, and Princeton and then returned to northeastern Monmouth County. Found my way here from Chowhound.

I never made an account on CH, just lurked and believe I found HO via someone mentioning it there. That or just googling “NJ Food.” lol

I mostly read on Chow before until my buddy junkliss steered me to HO. Much more informative here with plenty of interesting stories and writeups. And no annoying popups or advertisements at all!!!

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I lurk because I’m not in Jersey enough to feel like I have knowledgeable info to add - so I’m an info consumer more than a producer. But I’ve posted things as I find them, things I send to friends in Jersey.

Old Bridge is the home to our new favorite spot: Heirloom Kitchen. YUM!

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Grew up all over the country along with seven years in Seoul. Continued to travel but mainly for food as an adult both domestically and internationally (mostly Japan several trips). We just moved from the city a few months ago to New Providence but I did spend a lot of time living in Essex and Hudson county prior. While in the city decided to take advantage and try as much legitimate (where immigrants from other countries go) places as I could find including various Chinese and European restaurants on top of the usual. That’s how I’ve discovered wine and how they paired with their food. Wifey and I love going to Maine for food trips when the stars aligned just right.

Now that I googled Heirloom Kitchen I realized it’s in the same location as my favorite Old Bridge restaurant Ponte Vecchio! How long has Heirloom been open? What is it a cooking school? Looks interesting.

@Eathru How did you find out about us here? Maine is an interesting destination for food trip, what exactly do you like going up there for? I’ve only been to Maine once for a wedding, Booth Bay Harbor. I chartered a boat while up there to go fishing, pulled up a lobster pot and was almost shot do death for doing so, my biggest food related memory was Mc Donalds actually served lobster rolls on their regular menu!

From CH
live in Monmouth via Bklyn
really enjoy all regular posters JR seal corvetteJ
Ms Bean Joon Eleeper
yeah you guys have fans
wish i went out more to contribute more frequently!

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I never cared too much for Chowhound. But that’s where I learned about “National Wholesale Liquidators” in Lodi which has a food section upstairs where the aisles are different countries and what not. So I definitely have thanks for the person who posted that. I go there once or twice a year (it’s over an hour drive for me). If you go there, definitely check the dates on what you buy. I wish they would expand that bigger… like cut into some of the clothing and have more international foods.

There’s a supermarket in Ohio called Jungle Jim’s. They have two locations. The bigger one is like 300,000 square foot. Size of a Home Depot with all food. Aisles are different countries as well. I try to make it out there every few years.

As for food, I frequent and here. I review on Yelp! and I’m a Local Guide on Google Maps, although I’m not sure I may delete my reviews on one or the other or both. I’m currently deciding if I care or not to keep them.

I’ve lived in New Jersey all my life. My other house is in Hawaii on The Big Island (okay okay not totally my house, my Mom has a 4 bedroom house there). I love New Jersey aside from the high cost of living.

I grew up in Somerset County, currently reside in Ocean County. If there’s one place I’d like to live is Somerset or Middlesex County because there’s no Texas Weiner restaurants down here.

I currently am living with a relative, having been in a 4 year relationship previously. I don’t mind being single, but I definitely miss going to dinner with someone or short day trips.

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