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      Hey, why don't we do a little survey?  First, it is for 

fun. Second, it will serve as a way to introduce ourselves to each
I think a good number of people are/were from CHOWHOUND. So why don’t we start with that?

  1. Are/were you from CHOWHOUND?
    Yes, or No? (feel free to elaborate)
    Yes. I can’t really remember how I happened to join chowhound, though I’ve been posting about food and travel since I’ve had an internet account (other than the strange little university-based ones long ago) in the 1990s.

  2. At this moment, are you spending more time here than on CHOWHOUND?
    Yes, No, Non-applicable (feel free to elaborate)

  3. Definitely here, but less than at chowhound in its heyday, as not all the categories I posted on exist here yet.
    The other new food board doesn’t interest me as it is mainly about California and I rarely travel there. If I travel to the west coast of North America it is to BC, for work at conferences.

  4. What is the single most interesting board/topic to you?
    a) Regional (e.g. San Francisco, New York…etc)
    b) General
    c) Home Cook
    d) Cookware
    e) Others
    Definitely Québec including Montréal. I’ve long given travel advice on Lonely Planet and other sites that have spinned off from that. I’m interested in General, Home Cook, Cookware and others. I follow the V & V board: I’m not vegetarian, but try to eat a mostly plant-based diet.

At first I found the Chowhound board strangely antagonistic. I had posts removed for no reason; they had not insulted the board or any other poster. Conversely later on we could get into little tiffs and there was not much moderation.

The guidelines on boards should be clearer. Yes, food boards should be centred on food and related topics, but are environmental and human-rights issues (related to food and eating) legitimate or not?

Beyond that, I’m happy to see many posters I got to know over there. Whether or not we usually agreed. Like a big messy family at a banquet.


  1. Yes, several times in fact. I keep losing my usernames, passwords, and/or e-mail accounts. So I’ve had several CH accounts over the years, some of which have overlapped at times as my memory waxes and wanes and I remember or forget usernames and passwords, LOL!

  2. Here. I haven’t spent much time on CH for years. The uneven moderating was the main issue at first, but then there was also more and more “content” (on the CHOW side mostly) that was just … annoyingly inappropriate and/or just plain WRONG.

  3. Home cooking, cooking in general really. I wish there was a separate baking thread. And cookware, whenever I’m in the market for something new or feel I can help someone else who has asked a question. Not yet here, but I was semi-active in that regard on CH off and on.

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Maybe a “politics of food” forum? Then people could have those discussions without impinging on people who just want to enjoy their (shudder) foie gras.


Yes I am from CH
More here now it sort of feels like summer camp instead of school. All your friends but less rulers across the knuckles
Home cooking. Cookware and regional Philadelphia


From CH
Spending more time here

No, not from CH. not a member, just checking out CH articles from time to time via Google.
Was lurking in eGullet before the everybody desert the place a few years ago. (sorry, no more 100%)


I like the home cooking, cookware board.

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Welcome naf !! If you don’t mind me asking, if you weren’t from Chow, how did you learn about our group here?

How cool–we have completely new people joining, too. NICE!


Wow. Wow.

Alert everyone.

We have a non-Chowhound new comer. :kissing_heart:

We are finally gaining true new comer.

By the way, how did you find out this site?
I found out Chowhound by searching information via Google, and Googles pointed me to Chowhound a few times and I finally decided to join it to post a question or two. As for HungryOnion, I found out through a news article about people leaving Chowhound (so it is a completely different route).


A foodie friend emailed me a piece of press on CH site change and how people are leaving. I came to look around, find it quite fun and signed up. :blush:


Awesome!!! I’m glad you are enjoying it! If you have any like minded friends who you think would enjoy it please help spread the word!! In the mean time, please enjoy and welcome one again !!


Just to go off topic for a minute, your screen name and picture make me giggle, because we had a board on our old playground, “Not About Food” (NAF for short) which usually kicked up some of the more, shall we say, heated discussions. So your avatar makes me grin because you sort of look like a naughty elf. Very appropriate for NAF. HA HA!


This is great indeed. I guess you and I joined this site from the same source (news article). We therefore are buddies. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pywacket, I love your user name. Tell me, do you have a bell, book, and candle in the kitchen while you are cooking? Does Kim Novak come over for dinner?

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LOL, well I have the book usually - though these days its my own recipes in an e-cookbook formatted to fit the screen on my e-reader. I have candles elsewhere. I have no bell, but I do have a couple of Tibetan singing bowls - perhaps that’s close enough?

I loved the movie version (loved the book first), but I never did feel like Kim Novak was really right for that part. I keep picturing Audrey Hepburn in that role instead.

You can’t go wrong with Jimmy Stewart, no matter what.

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3 ©.

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Whatever suits my fancy at the moment. I’d like to find more of my Westchester and CT ex hounds.

Just started one, Elsie -right now it’s kind of the rest of NY and CT but please, start posting!!!

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[quote=“Mad_R, post:128, topic:302, full:true”]
But why did Chowhound change? [/quote]
Seriously? Because they can . . . and did.

[quote=“Mad_R, post:128, topic:302, full:true”]
I guess a number of people made a nice amount of money ruining the site and could give a crap what will happen to it[/quote]
I would strongly disagree with this. Rather, it’s that the Powers That Be over at CBSi are n steps removed from the day-to-day actions of Chowhound, and “ruining the site” is nothing more than a by-product of a desire to “maximize profits.” And, as I’ve said elsewhere, the execs directly in charge at CH have to justify their jobs, and so: let’s redesign the site,

I think that NEW readers are precisely the sort of people who WOULD visit. After all, the new design is all they know; ergo, they have no idea what the site used to be like, no idea if the new site is better or worse than before – indeed no idea there have ever been any change whatsoever!


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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold