Surf BBQ, in Rumson, NJ

(Joon) #81

I’ve been to the Neptune location once but not Red Bank. Is there a difference? I would think Neptune would put out the better product since it’s the original. I really enjoyed the ribs there, but all the other meats fell short in comparison to Surf.


And I’m curious to know if you’ve been to Jersey Shore BBQ in Belmar, which is my go-to around here. Mondays are 1/2 price wings and Tuesdays are 1/2 price ribs (or vice-versa) + I looooove their brisket!

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No I have not, but thanks for the tip I’ll give them a try!


Freaking delicious. Let me know if you want company! :slight_smile: Doug knows what he’s doing; it’s Texas-style BBQ and I can’t say I’ve had anything that was ‘just ok’ there–been going there for years, even before I moved down here. OMG and if you like brussels sprouts, don’t miss that app.


We don’t get to Belmar too often, but I am mentally putting this on my list. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Just FYI - the Neptune location of Local Smoke is not their original location. Years ago we had a BBQ crawl and visited the original Local Smoke location out by McGuire AFB past Jackson.


I went last weekend and it was railed at 730. …Standing room only. I left. There were people waiting and there was not a single seat at the bar. I’m 99% sure they now have a wait staff so I think that was a wise move based on what I saw. There wasn’t a single person on line, so I’m fairly certain they did away with that train wreck set up.

It is good to see them doing better. I’ve been meaning to try that pastrami short rib and will report back.


Wow! I went yesterday and had the pastrami short rib. Good lord…this thing is outrageous! @joonjoon dude you weren’t kidding. I’m definitely putting that dish in my rotation. It’s not cheap but I’m not sure where else you can get a dish like that.

The mac n cheese there is top notch too. It was my first time back in a while and I really enjoyed these two offerings. If anyone is a pastrami or short rib fan, check this dish out asap.

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glad to hear this place is rebounding -minus the high prices and dubious lineage, it’s nice to have other options that way if Barnacle Bills is just too crowded…

(Joon) #90

Glad you enjoyed it my friend! I’ve been dreaming of that short rib. It might be the best pastrami meat of any kind I’ve ever had. Really really spectacular. Man I want some right now!


Yeah that is definitely a world class dish! They didn’t serve mine with the rye toast. Did you get the toast?

(Joon) #92

Yeah they served it with rye toast and some mustard. You were robbed!!


I got two free drinks so I’ll take that trade off!


The pastrami short rib is still going strong. It’s up to 30 bucks now :confused: @joonjoon @coldbeer70
Lunch today…