Surf BBQ, in Rumson, NJ

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So was anybody in there last night?


No but I’ll report back tonight.


Went by again last night and the ship is sinking, or has sunk.

6:45 I creep by and there isn’t a single table in the dining room. Crazy…I think the writing is on the wall. The summer is over so there aren’t any excuses now as to why it is dead.


Well it is official. They are done. Drove by last night at 750 and it was a ghost town. I wonder what will be next. When I say done, I mean they are literally closed.

Molly Mcguires had the right idea but the food sucked. I liked that place to hang but the food was weak.

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I think I was the first one to call this!!!

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Uh, not so fast! I just called. They are still open.

Edited to add: They are closed on Mondays.

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I’m still calling they aren’t going to make it!!!


Sorry for the bad info. They used to be closed on tuesdays.

Based on the activity I see here every time I drive by, I can’t see how much longer they will be open (unless they change things up.)

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I still called it first! Don’t try and take my glory!

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Remind me, do they have a liquor license?

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Yo’ mon’ I’m in Aruba I got no memory of home check in next week.


I assume you are doing Tejas de brasil? Good spot!!

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Tonight is my only steak night courtesy of El Goucho the rest of the week has been fish.


When in rome…

If you haven’t done so, I’d highly recommend renting a trike and doing the island tour…incredibly fun and the bikes are super easy to drive.

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Full disclosure: I am not a BBQ expert, and I haven’t eaten a lot excellent BBQ in my life.

Went to Surf BBQ with a group of friends yesterday and we basically ate everything on the menu. Pretty much everything was top shelf awesome, but I especially enjoyed the non standard items like the pastrami beef ribs and bacon. Really phenomenal. A crowd favorite was the Mexican style chicken. The brisket was exceptionally fatty and juicy in the best way, the pulled pork was incredibly moist and tender with the perfect hit of smoke.

All of this deliciousness came at a price though - the tab was around 35 bucks a person (without tax), which is pretty steep for BBQ. Their beers are also pretty pricey, some of them clocking in at 7 bucks a pop.

I think this is probably the best BBQ I’ve had in NJ and it compared well to the best BBQ I’ve had elsewhere. I think considering the dearth of alternative dining options in our area I’m excited to return if last night’s quality is their standard.

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That should be without tip, not tax.


Good write up. Was there a lot of people there when you were there? I’m a little surprised that this place is still open since it has always been dead whenever I drive by or have been (4-5x on what I would think would be peak times).

The brisket is good, but both times I have had it there has been such a large fat cap that could not be intended for consumption. At that price point, I expect to be able to eat the entire slab. Surf BBQ’s baked beans are my personal fav.

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They only had the bar area open and it was full. They said they had closed the other dining areas for a private party. Really enjoyed the decor too. Our brisket did not have much of a fat band but it had kobe like levels of intramuscular fat. Probably the juiciest piece of brisket I’ve ever had actually. I always eat my brisket with the fat cap but on this piece it would have been too much.

The baked beans were probably the only side we didn’t get! Really good mac and cheese - like a cheesier gooier Kraft, and awesome, smoky collard greens. Really liked the greens there. Slaw was good too.

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Have you tried Local Smoke in Red Bank? I like it better and it’s price point is far more reasonable than Surf. Just my preference.