Surf BBQ, in Rumson, NJ

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Kinda like the ole chowhound NJ board.


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Funny to think that the Rallo restaurant that fails fastest will be the one with the best food.

I’m in Fair Haven for a kid’s party today. The fact that I could plan on swinging by Surf to pick up some pastrami rib as a reward after was a big part of the motivation for accepting the ordeal.

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I think besides the obvious misreading of the Rumson clientele with communal tables, the problem is as also has been mentioned here, the price point. I think at a certain point for BBQ people reach a threshold, and with food just as good down the road in Red bank for a fraction of the price it’s a no brainer…I wonder if they would have opened a BBQ concept if they knew they were gonna have competition so close…
If anything this will probably reinforce the mediocre food + liquor license concept we all LOVE…


I drive by again last night at 7:22. Again not a singe table in the dining room. That is three times in a row I’ve driven by with out a single person. What a shame. Who knows. Maybe they are doing work in the room and it is shut down? I really like the food there but I think the prices and “standing on line” thing may have done them in.

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Need to introduce exclusive wine tastings in waterford crystal mason jars in that neighborhood !


I bet a decent chinese place would do well right there.

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But not temple gourmet…


no, something “middle of the road” like house of chong or the old Ruby Palace would probably resonate well with the rumsonites (and you could do take out on the side of the place)


And at 7:45 on Tuesday, JSBBQ had one empty table! Granted, it was 1/2 price wing night AND it’s local summer, but still…

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8pm Wednesday past - JSBBQ. Had to wait briefly for a table.




I’m lucky jsbbq isn’t near me. I’d be even fatter lol

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JS BBQ Rocks !!!

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FWIW I was just talking to someone today who said they ate at Dinosaur BBQ in Newark NJ and they claim it was excellent. Near the Pru Center, can’t vouch for it myself just passing the info on after reading this thread.

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I’ve heard it’s good too, and have been meaning to give it a shot.

Maybe together with a Devil’s match in a month or two?


I’m not surprised…the one in the city is good too.

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I’ve been to Dinosaur in Newark, as well as a couple trips to the original location in Morningside Heights. Not really special, but like all barbecue spots, the meats are good so long as the product is moving through quickly. Given a choice, I’d go to Surf, but it’s a long walk to a Lady Gaga show from Rumson.

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To be accurate, though the Morningside Heights location was the first Dinasaur to open in NYC and environs, the original, i.e., flagship, is in Syracuse, NY.

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Gotta say that, generally speaking, I am not keen on BBQ chains. Famous Daves is an infamous example.


Surf actually had a few tables sat night on my way to crab around 820. Hopefully things pick up for them now that the weather is cooling down. I still need to try a beef rib.