Surf BBQ, in Rumson, NJ

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@corvette_johnny, I was hoping you’d start a new thread for Local Smoke and cross-post your CH report of your first visit. Then you could have added this report to that thread. It would be better than having the discussion of LS “buried” in the Surf thread. That said…

We visited the Neptune LS once, and I found the food there very disappointing. But since you’ve had two very positive experiences at the Red Bank location, I’ll certainly give it a try.

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Nice…I drove by last night on my way home from Copper Canyon (I"ll post separate about that) and the parking lot was full around 8pm. I’m going to give this a try sooner rather than later, especially after my less than impressed visit to Surf.

(I agree with Roz, give this it’s own thread, or just copy paste you thread on Chow over here)

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Jr., I guess he didn’t see my post where I asked him to do exactly that. He can still start the new thread and copy his 1st visit CH post there. Then, I’ll ask Sampson to move the LS posts from this thread to that one. So, what do you say, @corvette-johnny? Will you do it?

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(Elwood) #24

I was going to comment on LS here, but you’re right. One of us - @corvette_johnny - needs to start a new thread (not to mention ease up on posting in the old neighborhood).

The lady makes a good point, Johnny.

(Roz Rappaport) #25

@MZ, From your comment, I take it you’ve been to the Red Bank LS? If so, why wait for CJ? Please go ahead and do it!

I agree with you that in order to build a stronger NJ board here, it would be helpful if those who are participating on both sites would curtail posting over on CH and give first allegiance to HO.

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Yeah!!! And if they don’t then Roz and I will pay a visit to them and teach them a lesson from HO 101. :muscle:t3::facepunch:t3:

(Tom T) #27

Lol, this place and that place are interchangeable. They are both laid out like crap.

As to LS Red BAnk: Picked up half a rack and half a chicken. Ribs were ordered dry,
sauce on the side,…and were very good. Nice pull, small smoke ring,
would order again. Chicken was great, juicy and not too smoky. I’ve
smoked chicken myself and boy can it get real smoky if you are not
careful. It was only my wife and I so we went easy with the ordering, I
was shocked when I got the order and it was only $21. Collards and
slaw were the sides and both were good representations. Overall good +,
and am looking forward to trying again. Best of luck to the new

(Junior) #28

Ok I went to Local Smoke in Red Bank and it is the champ of the BBQ wars. Full review tomorrow but as I expected to reason to go into Rumson and pay those prices!

(Roz Rappaport) #29

Jr., When you post your full review, will you please start a Local Smoke thread? We went to Local Smoke in Red Bank last week, but I’ve been too busy to post about it. Hopefully, I’ll have the time to compose my report and post it within the next few days.


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So I drove by slowly at 8:33 last night. My uncle lives down that side road. Surf bbq didn’t have a single person in the dining room. The bar area had some people but for a Friday night it wasn’t looking good. People are obviously hitting beach restaurants but I think the price points are hurting them…and local smoke might be a factor lol :wink:

(Elwood) #32

That’s too bad. Surf is popping out better barbecue than any restaurant ever has in this area. The “pastrami cured” beef rib remains my “favorite plate” thus far in 2016. I guess the pricing is a factor, but that seems an incomplete explanation in a neighborhood where Undici and Salt Creek always manage to have asses in the seats.

(Junior) #33

MZ !?!?!?!?!? How have you been brother?

Have you tried Local Smoke in Red Bank? Personally I’ve preferred that to Surf, especially from a price/value perspective. I don’t think it’s the price point of Surf that’s hurting it, I just don’t think the "locals"are open to communal picnic table seating and semi self serve.

I think this entire concept misses it’s mark for this area. Put in individual tables, table cloths, full service, nix the home made bbq sauces for a bottle of Grey Poupon, INCREASE prices by 20% and you will probably have greater success.

(Elwood) #34

Yeah, but those MEATS!!! I’ve expressed my opinions on barbecue joints before - I’m there for the flesh. The bar is just a bonus.

Its good to see you guys too. I’ve been busy working (writing) on a project that may never see the light of day (though I get paid anyway) which has consumed much of my appetite for discourse.

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Good luck with your project, hope to see more of you when you find the time.

(Elwood) #36

I should be around more to have some old timey fun at your expense these days. Looks like you’ve got most everything else under control though.

I’ll add one more pertinent comment to the instant topic - undermining part of what I said earlier - Surf makes some mighty tasty fries. (I assure you, saying nice things about a Rallo restaurant doesn’t come easy to me - his joints have never brought me much pleasure before.(


Z man…good to see you bud! I hope all is well.

I need to try these beef ribs. Was that a special?

Jr might be right. It might not be the pricing. It could be the damn communal seating turning people off. I personally want to go out and be waited on…not stand on a long line :confused:

(David) #38

Also the hours. I’m the kinda guy ( sings - who likes to roam around ) who likes to eat Q for lunch so the 5 pm opening time doesn’t work for me. Hence Local Smoke wins by default. Also doesn’t hurt that I love the poppers and ribs there.

(Elwood) #39

Yeah, I’ve been lucky with the seating on all three visits - just had the table all to ourselves (maybe I should shower more frequently?). The kids working were great and the general crowd vibe was manageable. In the end, however, that might not be the right neighborhood for inclusiveness and dirty finger dining.

Thanks for the kind words, Johnny. Frankly, it’s about time I was more active again. We can’t expect JR to do all the heavy lifting for too long - not at his age anyway


I drove by last night at 8:06 and there was literally not a single table occupied in the dining room. I stopped in front…literally stopped since I had to turn onto the street that’s next to it.

I would think this place should have a “few” tables on a Saturday night. It’s not an apples to apples comparison but on Thursday at 8 when I left Angelicas there was a crowd outside waiting to get tables.