Supermarket Pet Peeves

Prior to these stupid cart corrals the carts weren’t allowed out of the store. I know shopping services are super popular but I just can’t imagine it being right for me. Unless, of course, linguafood was doing the shopping :wink:


That would really make me angry

You’re kidding about the handicapped parking locations, right?

I believe that comment could have been meant to incite. The User is permanently suspended. (Click on his name to see)


Yup. He’d made a habit of provoking arguments. Didn’t last very long.


I don’t think I’ve seen that before!


Thank you, Linda, for updating me. I’ve been logging into Reddit a lot lately, and I was growing concerned that the trolls were invading this board. Reddit ought to almost call itself “TrollsRUs”


Neither have I, here.

Let me add a new one: that the small carts are nowhere near the handicapped spaces. I know I’m doing a lot of walking, but why put the small carts the furthest away from the handicapped spaces?

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aka expelled, yes?


My understanding is that they suspend users, so their valid posts remain for later reading. But yes, they can no longer post on HO.


I like ShopRite’s store brand, but I wish all their dairy products didn’t look so much alike. The other day Mark said the cream cheese had changed consistency, but it turns out he grabbed the almost identical, same color, same small print sour cream. :disappointed:

They come in similar containers? I buy sour cream in a tub and cream cheese in a block.

We buy the soft cream cheese (when it’s available)–easier to spread. But not the whipped, which Mark says is like eating spackle.


Oh! Sure.

The latest one is unit pricing. Oh, I like unit pricing in general, but the manufacturers either don’t understand it, or understand it too well.

I can understand why one might find a mix of price-per-pound and price-per-ounce in, say the coffee aisle. But in the whole eggs section today, I found price-per-dozen, price-per-pound, and price-per-quart. Price-per-quart? For whole eggs? Seriously?! (Oddly, I didn’t see any price-per-egg labels.)

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For the record, there are approximately 8-9 large eggs in a pound, and 5 to a cup.


This probably goes here as well as anywhere:

Bad Food Packaging Design

The article starts with, “You know how frustrating this is: All you want is a teaspoon or two of capers, but your measuring spoon is too wide to fit into the mouth of the jar. Instead, you have to dump them out into a separate bowl to measure them out, dirtying another dish in the process, and then try to get any extras back into the jar.”

Apparently it never occurred to the author to use a smaller spoon. I mean, two half-teaspoons equals one teaspoon last time I checked.

As for bags inside boxes, the bag protects the product from moisture and bugs; the box protects it from being crushed. That said, there are still many products that could forego the box.

However, there are some good points in the article.


That made me spit out my coffee . . . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Also, there are measuring spoons designed to fit in jars.