Supermarket Pet Peeves

Also my mother’s supermarket (dating back to the late 1960s!) and organization. Are you a long-lost sister? :slight_smile:

(The organizing comes from shopping at the base commissary: 4 one-way aisles which you snaked through, joining the single-queue check-out line when you got to the end of it, and doing the rest of your shopping as the line moved forward. So having your list in order was important. When you got to the front you were directed to the next free cashier. The single-queue, multi-server model really is the most efficient.)

To win the sweepstakes, simply don’t get behind me. I attract ALL that. Actually I attract change of shift, over-rides, expired digital coupons, that paper tape for the receipt that you probably don’t want running out, “I’ve never been to a grocery store before”, “wait…I have to PAY for this??”, etc.

JK. I try not to go in with any expectations.


I know a lot of people use/depend on debit/credit cards nowadays.

But believe it or not, some of us still have checking accounts. I don’t fumble around. It’s made out before I get checked out and all I do is fill out the amount.

Sometimes I think the younger generation (and I don’t mean you) should have a checking account and actually have to balance the checkbook all by themselves, instead of their cc company doing it for them. But that’s wishful thinking.


Like it . You know your going to the store. Have the check partially made out before hand . Just fill in the amount . Keep the line moving . I used to do that before the debit card .


add that in some stores a manager has to change the tape. Trust cashiers with money but can’t train them to change the paper tape?


Haven’t seen that one in ages!

My closest grocery store is a Stop & Shop, and they are reorganizing and doing that too. They shifted all the frozen goodies from the healthy/organic end and moved them to the regular freezers. It’s thrown off the ice-creams and frozen desserts in the process, so it’s a bit annoying.

@Miss_belle – thank you for at least helping to keep the line moving by pre-filling out the checks. I am not a millenial, but I am still anti-check. :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly, not even having to worry about ordering more checks and waiting for checks to clear is a huge advantage for writing the least amount of checks possible. I think debit cards require a checking account, no? It’s been years since I opened one, so let’s hope all the younger generations are at least being good and reviewing their statements and balances. If you really want to drive home for them how to manage expenses, we should go back to bank account passbooks. These required you to verify your balance only by bringing in your account passbook, so they can use the dot matrix printer to print out all the transactions and update the balance for you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We use a no-longer-supported app, GroceryIQ, that sort of sorts it by section for you. Its not always right, but it helps. I make adjustments when I know its not right. Husband does the weekly grocery shopping and always goes to the same store. It also allows you to have different lists for different stores.

With regard to staying on top of finances, I agree the younger generations need to understand finances, but some that I know use different tools (apps instead of paper and pencil) that I think make it better. When I use the apps that are available to me I am way more efficient at “getting my money right”.


My preferred store (not a chain) has a deal with the local credit union where if their card is used a 3% discount is given. This certainly contributes to a lot of folks using their debit/credit cards to purchase stuff. And the line moves quickly!


I usually pay cash but on occasion will write a check with the amount 20-30 dollars above so I get cash back.

People fumble with debit cards too. They insert card, enter pin, remove card and it didn’t go through, repeat until the checker moves in for a rescue.

Then there’s the person at a convenience store that can’t scrape up 1.50 for a Coke and stumble and bumble with the card holding the line up.


I’m particularly amused (not!) by that person in front of me that just rung up $177 in groceries and decided to play “Tag” with four or five different cards. Debit? Credit? Who knows–Social Distancing norms prevent full disclosure. But… after this playtime with cards having insufficient funds, that shopper has an “Ah Ha” moment, and finds the plastic that works! I’m always confounded by this behavior.

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What is the opposite of peeve?

Sam’s Club has Scan & Go so you scan on your phone and walk out the door. Done. Charges your card and emails you a receipt. Giant Food lets you scan and go through the self-check lane with a bar code on your phone that checks out everything you scanned. Shove your card in to pay and you’re gone.

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My local Aldi just completely reorganized the store - moved fresh foods closer to the door, special deals in the center and toward the registers, and shifted canned goods, etc. toward the back. It makes for a very confusing shop, but I do see new things with the shakeup that I’m usually “blind” to. Probably the point.


To me this is more sad than anything (including annoying). Imagine not being able to put food on the table except for credit. Saw this recently with an older lady who had to call her bank to transfer money between accounts to pay her $16 grocery tab. Mostly cat food and yogurt. I gently gave her $20 in the parking lot after offering hand sanitizer and making small talk about COVID. Didn’t want to embarrass her in line.


Do you think they have much loss/theft with that “on your honor” scanning, or are the eyes in the sky watching?

Agreed Christina. I’ve been noticing this more often lately. Folks have SNAP cards, WIC cards and EBT cards. You can buy this, but not that with WIC. Buy that but not this with SNAP. EBT allows this purchase but not that one. So whatever is not covered requires a debit or credit card or cash. It’s clear these folks are unaware of the rules and most seem embarrassed/flustered . . . I’m thinking until a few months ago they just bought their groceries with their own cash or cards.


Responding to the question you just asked Dave; I recall my dad mentioning the Costco where he lives had to shut the self check lane down
due to rampant theft. Also, people sharing their membership cards with numerous others @ChristinaM.


I certainly relate to the incident you cited, @ChristinaM

But all of us, have an active “knower” that can differentiate between a User and an honest soul caught in a financial bind. It was not my intention to call out any shopper struggling to feed themselves, their families, or their fur babies.

I apologize because my remark was not specific.


Wow, you are much more in-tune than I. I see flustered people trying to navigate a new reality.


Kindness and respect go such a long way. Inspired! Our hurting world could use more actions like yours.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold