Supermarket Carnitas?

I luv carnitas… but they are an all day affair, and always end up with too much. Have any of you tried these (they are available at my local Safeway)?

Never tried those, but have tried these from Del Real.

Not bad in a pinch. They are available in my local supermarket (Safeway and Vons)

Local Safeway has those as well, but looking at the ingredients and the two vendors, I was hoping the Roli Roti were better than “not bad”.

I didn’t realize Roli Roti has a retail line, and I’ll definitely try these. Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but we always loved the chicken and potatoes we bought from their truck.


I tried the Aldi brand & they were serviceable for a lazy dinner.


Me too.

I keep them on hand for those nights when I just dont have the time, energy, or giveadam to make dinner.

Either tacos or burritos with a few black beans and some cilantro-lime rice for filling

My Safeway doesn’t carry those. I’ve had the Del Real and think they’re okay. I’ve also had the Kroger store brand carnitas, also okay with different seasoning than the Del Real. The other product of that type that I buy occasionally is Signature Select Pulled Pork. Most packaged pulled pork is sauced, but I’d rather use my own, and the Signature Select is the only I’ve tried that isn’t sauced. Kroger store brand pulled pork is unsauced, too, but I haven’t tried that.


My problem with alot of these packaged, pre-cooked meats is that the marinade/juices are incorporated into the meat.

That’s one of the reasons I like Kevin’s – the meat and marinade are packaged separately. Unfortunately, Kevin’s does not offer any pork products.

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I’m with you. I think maybe they do that for preservation?

I think it’s too hide how ugly cooked meat would look unadorned.

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I’ve had both the Del Real and Aldi carnitas. My notes say I found them both acceptable, with a preference for the Del Real. But that was several years ago and I haven’t bought either again.

@ChimayoJoe - I haven’t had either the Kroger or Safeway products you mentioned but will mention the Aldi Appleton Farms pdts - pulled pork has too sweet a sauce, but the one labeled shredded pork is sauceless. That’s the one I’ve bought a couple of times but will check out K & S. Thanks.

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Costco has Del Real Carnitas in th SFBA. May well be available in other areas. Good price.

I bought the Kroger pulled pork a couple of days ago but haven’t tried it, yet. Judging from the ingredients, I expect it to be pretty similar to the Safeway version.

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Especially if the contemplated merger goes through …

I dread that merger. I shop at both for things one carries and the other doesn’t.

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Both Costco and Save Mart (as well as the independent hispanic market near me) carry Del Real, and I’ve bought the carnitas a number of times. It is, so far as I can tell, not flavored or marinated with any particularly specific flavors, so I’ve found it works equally well for tacos (fry it up with a little onion/garlic, some chilis or chili flake), fried rice (garlic, ginger, some Sichuan peppercorn) or mixed up with your favorite BBQ sauce, if that’s your jam.

I’ve had the ones from Aldi and they are pretty decent.
Homemade carnitas also freeze well.

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I have been contemplating this. My method for making them is first a low and slow braise with all the flavorings/spices. And second, one of the following:

1.) Shred up a bit on a sheet pan and place under the broiler.
2.) Same as #1 but just in a 475°F convection oven.
3.) Pan fry in CI in some of the leftover pork fat.

Obviously, #3 usually comes out best (I like it when all the edges are crispy). (c;

So do I freeze it after the braise? and do the second step after it’s thawed? Or should I just finish completely and freeze it, and just gently reheat after thawing?

What do you do?


And use your option 3, with a good amount of lard.

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Freeze after the braise and then use your preferred method to finish them after thawing.
I like to broil to crisp them up.