Superbowl food

I don’t know where I am even going yet, but does anyone have any food plans or traditional dishes?

Well we might as well get in some picks since this looks to be a great lineup :slight_smile:

This kid Mahomes looks insane but after seeing Tom absolutely shred it up, it’s hard to bet against the greatest.


Good chips and salsa for the Wifeacita and myself. I have one tradition of taking Monday off so I can enjoy the game better, heck I’m taking the whole week off.

The remaining 4 cities have distinctive foods so this should be a good year to eat.
Thankfully we won’t end up with LA vs. LA as that would have been weird to see the Mayor challenge himself food wise.

BBQ vs Chowder
Tacos vs Mufallata

Usually roast a turkey, that I buy after Thanksgiving. Amazing that almost everyone has some.
Easily transportable, can be eaten hot, room temp or cold… and the host really enjoys that it feeds everyone, and almost any side goes with a turkey. They always let me know that they had plenty of leftovers.

Heck, what can you bring for $20 bucks that all enjoy?


Such a good idea! (the roast turkey)

We always do wings and Mac and cheese - no idea why but it’s a tradition now.

I’ve tried “ fancier” food but it doesn’t go as fast as the traditional bar food.


I think I’m in the same boat. I like to snack and graze on food during the game. I normally don’t just chow down on one big meal. I like to make ribs and wings. Crowd pleasers :slight_smile:

Bbqboy, do you guys do any chowder out there?


No unique style but we do have Oyster Stew.

A noteworthy stumptown classic…