[Sunnyvale] Sankranti

Biryani fans rejoice! Thursday is biryani-dosa buffet at Sankranti. Sankranti was started by the same owner who started Athidhi and Ulavacharu. FYI he’s from Hyderabad.

Non-veg biryanis: from left, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, konaseema chicken biryani, shrimp biryani, egg biryani. I thought the biryani was nice, though eating 6 of them on one plate they tended to blend together. The chicken from either the chicken biryani or the konaseema was delicious (I think its the konaseema). That said, skip the shrimp biryani- the shrimp was chewy.

Vegetarian biryani on the left:

My plate. The tiny dosa was crispy and had potato and onions inside. Pretty good.

Andhra mirchi bajji: pretty good.

Tandoori chicken:

Overall, pretty nice meal. For $14, good value.

The owner recommended their vijayawada chicken biryani.

They even have small size biryani to-go.

Right next to the sheng jian biao place Shanghai Flavor Shop.

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Looks really good. I love the mini dosa. Wish this had been there when we lived in Sunnyvale!