Summery mushroom inspiration?

San Franciaco Bay Area, but it could be Buenos Aires, Boston Area, or any other ‘bay area’.

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Nice compilation. The stuffed shiitake are calling out to me as I bought a package of fresh shiitake in chinatown yesterday and was just wondering what to do with them!

I rarely do a cream prep - once in a blue moon with pasta and porcini or maybe a risotto. Mostly I sauté in roughly the same way and then add to things or eat as a main.

With trumpets / king oyster a favorite prep is yakitori, which could be summery I guess if you grill the mushrooms outside.


Yes, I know it could apply to multiple places, I was just curious as to the BA you were referring to please.

I mostly sautée mushrooms in butter or olive oil, on weeknights.

Tonight, I made a parmesan, green onion, asparagus and cremini frittata, with aleppo, dried thyme, dried oregano, fresh basil, fresh parsley and fresh dill. Didn’t follow a recipe.


That sounds really good.

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I like boletes caps grilled, with olive oil/butter/roasted garlic brushed on them. You might be surprised at availability of these. I’ve seen them at several farmers markets by me. I find them all the time, often ruined by rain, or worms. You might not find many in one spot; but they can grow huge. Like 8-10oz each.

Might not sound summery; but when I want a “light” summer steak, I love these. Here’s a helper if you want to look for your own.
How To Identify an Edible Bolete Mushroom | The Survival Gardener

They’re a beautiful mushroom, most are edible. Boletus satanas, though, is quite not edible, as the name might imply.

I could totally see one of these , grilled, in a banh mi. The king boletes, not the satanas, of course. Chanterelles smell heavenly, though.

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr