Summer 2024 (Jul-Sept) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

We’re having a heat wave just in time to usher in a new Cuisine of the Quarter! What’s happening in your kitchen as gardens begin to burst with the summer’s bounty? Nominate your cuisine of choice in ALL CAPS below. I’ll leave noms open until Friday, June 28. Thanks HOs!

For reference, here’s a complete list of past COTQs (trying to avoid repeats). Master list/links for Cuisine of the Quarter

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SOUTH INDIAN (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka)
CENTRAL ASIAN (Uzbek. Uyghur, etc)

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COASTAL INDIAN might be cool idea, too. I have mostly tried foods from Goa and Kerala.

SEYCHELLOIS- the cuisine of the islands of the Indian Ocean

JAPANESE was COTQ Winter 2022 as per the master list.

It’s a loooooong coastline


One of the longest!! :heart:

TAIWANESE (yes, I know Chinese was already done)
GUAM (you can search the internet for this as CHamoru cuisine…the C and the H are often both capitalized)

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Ooh ok I could go for TAIWANESE

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Central Asia is appealing, but I think that might be better for cooler weather (although I am happy to dive in if it’s picked!).

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Voting thread is up! Summer 2024 (Jul-Sept) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING Thanks for your noms, HOs!