Summer 2022 Cookware Deals & Steals

Let’s hear them!

Today’s deal for me is 20% off Thermoworks’ Smoke X BBQ and smoker wireless thermometers. Extreme range (Who doesn’t have a smoker a mile from the house?), and a choice of 2 or 4 channels.

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Silence is deafening.

Here’s a pretty good deal on the smaller (39cm x 27cm) Demeyere plancha/teppanyaki. 99 Euro, usually 209:

Note, this will still straddle 2 hobs, but it this not the big 53cm model.

I got that one some time ago, per your Chowhound recommendation. Fit nicely on the bridge element of my old glasstop electric. Made cheesesteak subs for guests. And then … the control panel on the front of the stove threw an error message. It later resolved itself, but I took it as a sign to go ahead and replace my stove … I’d wanted induction, and the price was now reasonable. Haven’t tried the plancha on the new stove (there’s no bridge element but you can sync the 2 burners) - that will happen when guests can safely graze again.

Did you like the way the plancha worked?

Laughing … yeah, I got a new stove out of it. Seriously, yes, I did like the way it worked- I didn’t know quite what to expect, but it’s great.

Edit: I have a friend whose immigrant parents had a neighborhood restaurant. She grew up working (of course) there. She gave me a tip for making grilled cheese sandwiches like they did on the grill - open faced, no flipping, just put it together on the plate. I can do one sandwich in a big frying pan just fine, but the plancha seems to beckon for multiples. I don’t make pancakes, so that’s out. But the cheesesteaks worked ou very, very well. It was worth the price of admission.

I love cheesesteaks. I’m so ashamed …

I wish we could buy this in the US.

As far as other kitchen sales, there really aren’t any! I miss the days of Williams-Sonoma offering 20% off coupons.

I’ve yet to meet any omnivore one who doesn’t like a good 'steak.

The way to completely fall for a plancha is to bring a fullsize restaurant griddle turner to bear. Better yet, make it two, and you’ll be able to chop your cheesesteak meat, wrangle prawns, and generally become your own Benihana/Mongolian Grill.

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Facebook readers beware! Last week there was a website ad purporting to sell Wal-Mart overstock of Kitchen Aid stand mixers for $2.00 each. This week a different website, and Target. The posted raves appear to be from zombie accounts. I reported it to FB but we all know that honesty isn’t their strong suit.


In my dreams …. I’d be dangerous, and I’m liking that! I did get griddle turners for it!