Summer 2021 (July-Sept) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

Middle American was nominated and won a few summers ago.

Might help to narrow American - American BBQ? Northeast (I’m thinking lobster rolls and clam strips and the like)? Something else?

Yes, I would define barbecue (especially if we are focusing on American BBQ) as smoked, low-n-slow meat. Grilling is something else entirely.

Perfect. Although I gave never cooked a piece of meat this way in my life.


I nominate BURMESE :slight_smile:


I like this nomination. Because of the pandemic . Not all foods are readily available. They might be good or look terrible. Price point might be a factor also . AMERICAN FOOD .

Definitely Regional Spanish - Mediterranean or Italian - Mediterranean: Paella Marinara (just shellfish), A “frittura” of the day´s Catch, Calamari Romana (breaded lightly and fried), Sepia (squid grilled ) with ali oli; Adobe tope baby shark called “cazon” which is in Latin, “Galeorhinus Galeus” and of course tons of wonderful salads especially, fennel with blood oranges and rocket (arugula) and radicchio … For a bit of Japanese, nigriri, eel, squid, wild salmon & yellowfin tuna with Wasabe and eco Japanese teriyaki. AND a wonderful mozzarella di bufala, fresh basil and fresh eco tomato pizza … Some fresh fruit and incorporating a wide variety of traditional eco green veggies which can be eaten wonderfully cold.
Salads: traditional Niçoise with Ventresca, albacore wild tuna is another fave lunch and Insalata di Mozzarella di Bufala, tomato & fresh basil called a Caprese. The only salad dressing we use is Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged in oak, Balsamic Vinegar from Modena or Vinagre de Jérez de La Frontera.

That is about it … Light … and low cal on most part …

NOMINATIONS: Greek, Moroccan or Lebanese or Italian or Spanish …

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I actually just checked the master list myself, and it looks like we focused on picnic/cookout/BBQ foods last summer. I have ZERO memory of this - we were obviously in the thick of things pandemic-wise, so no wonder it’s all a blur!

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Moroccan, Lebanese and Spanish have all been covered previously.

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Or perhaps MARITIME: that would include fried clam strips, lobster rolls, fish& chips, Newfie fries, butterscotch pie, blueberry pie, blueberry grunt, chowder, chowder fries. From Boston to Newfoundland, including the Gaspé, New England, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.


I like that, and more inclusive too!


Given pandemic amnesia, perhaps we could renominate them individually?

I’d certainly love PICNIC as a category!


Oysters off the rocks …

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Then, Italian or Greek …



Italian or Greek.

I had been advised that Moroccan, Lebanese and Spanish Regional had been done previously.

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Omg! I have photos of my Scandinavian journey to post! Idk why I lost track of time and thought we had another month. A quarter is still a quarter, Cookie!

But I digress. I was thinking New England would be nice this time of year so I’m good with MARITIME. You can still get your Italian & Greek fix on @Barca - Sicily would be great… she says as she continues to digress. MARITIME.


Yeh, it’s summer! Hot sizzling SICILY with it’s gorgeous tomatoes, peppers, sparkling fresh seafoods, summer wines.
Or a panoply of MEDITERRANEAN ISLANDS which opens it up to Sardinia, Crete, Greek Isles, et al.


I’m so good with this! :point_up:t4:

Definitely Mediterranean.

A jewel of a region when it comes to ingredients …

Voting thread is now live! Thanks for your nominations, HOs! Summer 2021 (Jul-Sept) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

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