Summer 2020 (July-Sept) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

It’s that time again - we just celebrated the summer solstice and it’s time for a new Cuisine of the Quarter! Now that COVID related restrictions are beginning to lift, hopefully everyone is able to get their hands on the ingredients they need to experiment in the kitchen. Any thoughts on a summer cuisine to explore? I’ll leave this thread open until June 30 - thanks in advance for your nominations in ALL CAPS below!

ETA: Here’s the link to the master list of previous winners: Master list/links of past Cuisine of the Quarter


No nominations this quarter…that means I get to choose! Given that we are all continuing to face COVID-related shortages and market vagaries, I think a specific cuisine might be difficult. However, since we’re all staying home and/or vacationing close to home, I am guessing we will all be dining al fresco and doing some picnicking for fun! So, I hereby declare COOKOUT/PICNIC/BBQ FAVORITES as this summer’s COTQ!