Suggestions for truly compact microwave

It appears that most compact microwaves are small in height and width but pretty big in depth. I have an elderly microwave on a shelf that is only 13" deep. Finding a replacement is hard.

The current microwave is 900W, 10" high, 18" wide, and 12" deep. I can go as big as 16" high, 26" wide, and 13" deep.

I’ve looked through Consumer Reports, Google with a number of search terms, and started working my way through Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond. Next on the list is marine and RV suppliers.

At seems most manufacturers make microwaves “small” by moving electronics from the side to the back which makes them deeper.

Any suggestions for other places to look?

I have this one at home, 17 x 13 x 10, I believe the one I have at work is similar size but different brand, will try to remember to check on Thursday.

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Thanks! Looks like Haier only makes built-in microwaves now so I look forward to hearing from you about the one in your workplace.

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I think Haier is a label rather than a factory, so hopefully the same or similar has been shuffled to a different brand.

I do see a date of manufacture 10 years ago on that one, though …

The following link may or may not be useful:

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Big help. Thank you. Several in there 13" deep or less. Digging into individual reviews and operator’s manuals.

Have most microwaves eliminated the 1-6 minute time buttons, as this article seems to imply? That’s all I ever use but sophistication must be on the rise while simple all American reheating is on the wane.


Going to purchase a new microwave also. I like this Panasonic model and this Breville model
They both look nice. Neither overly complicated and currently the same price.
Panasonic has been making microwaves for decades so I’d go with them. They’re like the Toyota of microwaves. Breville is like the Tesla.


I never had a 1 - 6 minute buttons model

When you get into the driver’s seat of an unfamiliar passenger car or light truck, you always know where the actual driving controls will be, what they’ll look like, and how to operate them. I don’t know whether that conventional setup has been coded into any regulations, but regardless, you always know.

The radio and other equipment are a different story. :smiling_imp:
And microwave controls are like car radios - every time I use a different one, I have to learn the controls first. Maybe microwave manufacturers want to maintain a sophisticated and complex image, even though 99% of the time you want a very simple function.

I’d argue that buttons 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1, 2, 3, and 4 minutes, would be a better use of a constrained set of six buttons. The number of times I’ve shut a microwave off early is a lot higher than the number of times I’ve wanted exactly 6 minutes. But I don’t care if it’s six buttons, I’d just like a predictable set of main controls always in the same positions. Plus whatever the manufacturer likes, outside of that.

Hey Dave,
The work microwave is an Oster, 18” wide x 10.25 high x 12.5” deep

Thanks @Babette

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I not a fan of over the range anything except a hood, but the low profile microwaves look and function great!

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Aren’t a lot of the low-profile ones quite deep from front to back, though?

The OP has space for a pretty high profile, as long as it’s shallow from the wall to the door.


Agree with you here @Respectfully_Declined - I had multiple problems with microwaves over a range; a technician told me it was probably from steam from the stove. I made a lot of soups and stews, and also canned. Now that MW is in a separate spot, it hasn’t gone on the blink.