Suggestions for red oil for Asian dishes

I’d like to have some red (chili?) oil on hand for when homemade or takeout dishes need some heating up. My local Thai place seems to have trouble with spice levels, and I’d rather just adjust myself. They include little cups of chili paste, but I’d prefer what I feel is the “cleaner” flavor of the red oil I sometimes see added to takeout Thai. Any suggestions for particular brands? I’d prefer something I can just find in the Asian section at the store, rather than ordering online. I may not know what the hell I’m talking about here, so feel free to educate me!:grinning:


Hi @celeryvictor. Are you looking for straight red chili oil, no crunch, no flakes?

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That’s probably preferable, for consistency.

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I’ve used these. They’ll do in a pinch and can be found in the Asian aisle in regular grocery stores… depending on what ‘hood you live in. :wink:


Infusing your own will give you the exact heat you want. But I’m not saying you have to do it. I have yet to do it, myself. :relaxed: I mostly spoon the oil from the top of a jar with flakes or crunch on the bottom.


Thanks for the quick reply, as I’m on my way out to the store anyway! I plan to make some Szechuan peanut sauce later today, and this should be just the thing to add heat.

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Oh yum! WF might have these oils too.

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The sesame chili oil is red, but definitely has the distinct sesame oil taste. If you want something more neutral, you probably want the La-Yu (or more properly, la you) which is generic spicy oil.


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