Suggestion on meat slicer

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a meat slicer for my home kitchen.
Please suggest me some good brands.
I am debating whether I should go for used one or buy brand new.

Thanks in advance.

I have had this model since 1982. Still tickin’.

Great. Thanks for sharing it. I am looking for delivery in Canada. Let me explore this brand.

I have come on these meat slicers. Any suggestion from that list.
I feel I should look after the used one also.
Search is still going on.

I believe the same 1980s Krups slicer was sold in Canada under the Braun name. The plastic parts on them sometimes show up broken after the decades, and I used to see them in thrift shops.

How much slicing you expect to do will probably affect your decision. The Krups/Braun one seems quite light duty.

If I bought an expensive slicer I’d be concerned whether spare parts would continue to be available for that brand.

Your choice will also depend on how big and heavy you want your slicer to be, and what your budget is.

Valid considerations. It has been many decades since I purchased the Krups slicer. We use it, found it to be a workhorse for home use, easy to clean and we have never bought replacement parts, dropped parts on the floor or used it for any commercial purposes. It fits easily in my pantry as it letter folds. I have sharpened the blade half a dozen times since 1982. We pd less for it new then some models sell today but more than the used prices appearing on the links I offered.

I can’t vouch for any other models. I’ve been very happy with it. The construction is solid.

@DavidPF, what model do you own?

Way more than I need from a slicer.

I don’t use a slicer enough to justify keeping one. I did have an old Rival at one time but donated it.

Like these models?

Exactly, first one. It worked well enough, just precision meat slicing is low priority here.

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I made a review of the best meat slicers on the market. My absolute favorite is Chef’sChoice 615A000. A quite affordable price and convenient in use. It’s highly versatile and allows you to cut not only meat.

Thanks. I will look after that.

Recently bought this. Got huge discount

I think you’re better off having bought that one (and congrats on picking it up at such a discount). I’ve reviewed customer ratings on everything Amazon and others have in the ~ $200 or less
“consumer” range (including the CC615A000 recommended above) and nearly all of them had an 8-10% “lemon rate” (combined percentage of 1-2 star reviewers very unhappy because the gears broke, it wouldn’t slice consistently (which may be operator error), other complaints).

I ended up buying a Techwood branded slicer and it’s okay (and only had a 6% “lemon rate”) but it requires frequent manipulation of the meat chunk to keep the slices uniform. And getting “paper thin” charcuterie is doable, but really tough.

A good buddy has had a Hobart professional for years, that I’ve used several times at his house when I have big slicing jobs (he just asks for 5% of the meat as “machine rent” - fair by my standards!). I got seriously spoiled using it. The consumer stuff just doesn’t stack up to that.

The Nella you bought seems to have a more powerful motor and faster blade speed than the consumer slicer I bought. Mine doesn’t even list RPM/RPS but from using it, I think it’s about 2 RPS whereas yours is rated at 5 RPS. Less drag, smoother slicing, I think.

Give it a test drive and report how it works!