Sufganiyot in SF without a pre-order for Sunday 12/22 or small jelly doughnuts?

Are takeout Sufganiyot available anywhere in SF? I don’t need to satisfy any non-dairy concerns this year, so would probably choose a neighborhood doughnut place over Frena since they use the same brand of jelly filling.

Or do any places make small jelly-filled doughnuts? Most neighborhood jelly doughnuts are huge!

A google search on “sufganiyot San Francisco” brings up a Yelp page

Wise Sons is a good bet.

Thanks! I followed up and they have them until Dec. 28th, and I’ll get some later in the week. They cost about $4.50 each with tax and appear to be raspberry filled, and coated in finely granulated sugar (my preference) rather than powdered.

We got one sufganiyot from wise sons, and a bunch or regular doughnuts from Johnny doughnuts.

Wise sons’ had a good jelly to dough ratio, flat tops, and good jelly dispersion, with smooth and not too viscous jelly. I understand they’ve used challah dough in the past for sufganiyot, but I couldn’t distinguish their dough (or filling) from that at a good standard doughnut shop, which I mean as a compliment.

Johnny’s were huge, with artisanal fillings—- a crushed but not fully puréed mixed berry and a lime custard. Bready and lofty dough, with a good quantity of jelly, but some unjellied dough when I cut these into six pieces.


Don’t people usually get more than a few sufganiyots? $4.5 a pop for a little sufganiyot seems like quite steep?

Yeah, we cut our doughnuts into 6 pieces—- after a dinner, no one needs a full sized doughnut! I’d like to know who sells smaller versions.

I think Johnny Doughnuts regular filled doughnuts were about $5 as well. At Frena, which uses a non-dairy dough and industrial jelly, they’re $3, and most standard doughnut shops using Bakemark or other industrial mixes charge about $2 or so.