Sub-Zero Refrigerators

I am researching refrigerators for a new house. Does anyone have experience with the Sub-Zero brand? The marketing is interesting and they position the brand in the upscale category. What has your experience been?

We went with a single column SZ fridge in our remodel last Fedbrary. I am really pleased. Yes it is more expensive however I have been AMAZED at the amount of produce I know longer throw out. I pulled out a bunch of sage from the fridge that I placed there 10 days before Thansgiving and have been slowly using. Today it looks as good as the day I put it in there. Same for zucchini and butter letter. Whatever the technology they use for air circulation, humidity, and purification is light years ahead of our previous French door fridge.

I’ve had my Sub-Zero now for approx. 18 months – admittedly not a very long time as things go – but have had ZERO complaints! I have the Model BI-42SID/S.

My wife and I both cook, but I let her have full say in the appliance dept. when doing our kitchen – she cooks far more than I do, and is quite honestly a much better cook than I am. She preferred to have an internal ice and water dispenser (within the refrigerator compartment) so as not to “mar the aesthetics” of the stainless steel panels. I would have opted for the thru-the-door version, but it’s a relatively minor point.

Anyway, as I said, no complaints . . .

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Thanks to both of you! That’s what I’d heard from some friends. I have an appt at the showroom in a couple of weeks, will provide updates as I learn more.

I have a good friend who must have got a lemon because she’s had a number of problems with hers. One of the issues to consider is where you live and the availability of service, should you need it.

She did an expensive kitchen remodel and got a bunch of high end appliances but had all kinds of problems getting them serviced when they required it.

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That is a very good point. Parts & service availability are critical with appliances that are heavily utilized on a daily basis. When paying one hell of a premium for appliances, which is the case with Sub Zero, best make sure the seller also services it. I speak from experience, only about 2 of 30 appliance repair companies in my area service Dacor & the parts are 4 times more $ than GE Cafe & the parts are special order which delays the repair.

Excellent advice from Salsailsa and Tom34 . . .

It is crucial – regardless of what appliance you buy – that service after the sale be available.

Plan for the worst; hope for the best.

For example: I have two Miele dishwashers at home – which I love! – and only Miele services them. One broke the week before Thanksgiving (turns out to be my fault; I was using too much soap), but Miele said they couldn’t come by to even look at it until 12/10. Seriously! I had to agree to a whole bunch of $#|+ before they agreed to refer the service call out to an independent, authorized service – they had it fixed before Thanksgiving. Disaster averted!

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