stuffing-- add eggs or not?

(Debbie Wong) #1

I’ve seen some recipes where eggs are added to bread stuffing. Do you use eggs in your stuffing?

(For the Horde!) #2

I do.


I do also

(For the Horde!) #4

On a slightly unrelated note, stuff/dressing is my favorite dish on Thanksgiving. I enjoy a good stuffing more than turkey, pie or ham.

(Debbie Wong) #5

one egg for a pound and a half of bread?

(Debbie Wong) #6

Well it has been requested by my daughters as something they would like to take back with them when they leave our house after Turkey Day. It is the one thing they have requested.

(Debbie Wong) #7

How many eggs say for 2 pounds of bread?

(For the Horde!) #8

I do about 1-2 egg for 1 pound of bread. I think it is just a personal preference thing.

(Robin) #9

We still make my grandmother’s recipe…one big pan uses 3 eggs.

(erica) #10

Eggs add richness to the stuffing, and makes it cohere better. I’d use two eggs per pound of bread.


I’m a no egg person - and I still stuff the bird (but also do a batch out of the bird).


me, too, Chem - I make a boatload of dressing (we never stuff the bird) specifically so I have leftovers to eat with gravy. (hellooooo, carbs!) That and turkey sandwiches on white bread with leftover cranberry sauce.


Try stuffing reheated in a waffle iron, topped with turkey and gravy, so yummy.

(Debbie Wong) #14

Yes, the girls have asked for two kinds of dressing to take back: bread stuffing and a Chinese rice stuffing with sweet rice and lop cheung sausage. They don’t seem to care about the turkey but they will get turkey and gravy too.

(For the Horde!) #15

The ones with lotus leaf?


Nope. Never have. When i’ve made dressing (baked in side dish) it’s moist enough it stays together without any eggs

(John) #17

Nope no eggs. We have a bunch of stuffings; german potato, Italian pork and olive, traditional bread and apple but never an egg.

(Debbie Wong) #18

Yes, that’s the one!

(For the Horde!) #19

Nice. I make them once in a blue moon. I would like make 15-20 and then freeze all of them. :slight_smile: They freeze well. I do cook (steam) them before freezing them, but I guess it may also work to freeze the raw ones. Have fun making the Chinese lotus leaf wraps for your daughters.


haha, i wish i had a waffle iron just for doing this!