Striped Bass Recipes?

Anyone got recipes for a big striped bass? Just for the sake of reading as I got nothing to cook. Slot limit this year is 28 to 31 inches. This one was almost 50. The one that didn’t get away but had to send it away.


I am collecting recipes for whenever I can manage to catch a keeper.


I haven’t cooked it at home.

Here are some leads to how others have used it.

I would probably make it simply with olive oil, lemon juice , sea salt, pepper and oregano the first time I was to make it.

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I love cooking whole fish at home, usually grilled. I’ve done variations of both recipes included in this 1998 NYT column from a beloved New England chef, Chris Schlesinger. They both scream summer to me.

ETA: There’s definitely an art to grilling a whole fish…I’ve stuck to small ones. Even a 31-incher would be quite the challenge for me. Roasting for both of these preps works, too.

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Oh I wish I had mother’s recipe. It was poached with onions, tomatoes (not many), maybe some wine and a Californian bay leaf. Gawd it was good. Dad was a big striper catcher when he got the chance. I just loved that dish. Haven’t had anything since I was a kid. Time to dig through the plethora of cookbooks I inherited.

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That’s a great looking fish @BKeats. Where do you fish?

Mr Bean is an avid fisher - primarily for sea bass, striped bass and fluke depending upon the season - we have fish a lot. I am not that fussy so I’ll switch up fish for a recipe depending upon what I have on hand. Some of our favorites are:

Thai Curry
Fish Tacos
Fish wrapped in Swiss Chard - a great recipe from Adeena Sussman’s Sababa
Lightly poached with tomatoes, garlic, capers, olives and white wine/Acqua Pazza
Thai Basil Fish (based a chicken recipe from Rasa Malaysia
Ceviche/Crudo/Agua Chile

If you’re interested, I post many of my fish meals, among other things, on Instagram as @robin.frazzy

PS Thanks @Phoenikia for tagging me


Cook it in salt in the bread oven…

The last striped bass I cooked was a half, gifted to me by a friend who said the whole thing was too much for her and her husband. He gutted and fileted it, and only had to clean up a few scales. I cut it in half across the middle and steamed it with slivered ginger and green onions Chinese-style. The other half I cut into about 1" cubes, battered, deep fried, and drizzled a sweet and sour sauce over it. Both ways were delicious.


If you want to gild the lily, try Maryland Rockfish Crab Imperial.