Striking the right balance between having a welcoming environment and salty language

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I am inviting folks to discuss potentially better solutions for this issue, within the community guideline set out in the FAQ:

"Civility – ‘Is it kind/ helpful?’ Please support a civil and
respectful environment and use the forum to share knowledge skills and

This site is for age 13+. So please use language appropriate for PG13.

The park has minimal funding- leave it better than we found it.

Please only posts related to the constructive discussion of the handling of the issue and no raising of voice. You are also welcome to send me direct feedback via private message.

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Really? T**s are bad but boobs are PC? This is not a good precedent–there are too many terms for breasts…


Edited b**bs to maintain consistency. And to be honest, I no more enjoy editing people’s posts for PC’ness than any one here getting their posts edited. I don’t think the alternative of deleting everyone’s posts with mention of variations for breasts is a good solution either. Since we are getting complaints, the third alternative would be to close the thread when it veers away from food.

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And it’s so obvious which term could be safely used. See the thread’s title.



Can we change it to breasts instead of chest? The reason is that chest does not really mean the same thing. Breasts is the accurate term. Breasts is a medical and a anatomy term. It is technical and it is accurate.

I just think if we try to over-sanitize, then it will send a wrong message. It is as if women should be ashamed of their body parts, as if the mentioning of their body parts are dirty or something…
Thanks for considering.


Not to state the obvious, but if we kept the focus on chicken breasts (or wings) rather than anyone else’s, that would eliminate any issues from the get-go, no?


Right, so no Hooter references, either? Would a complete mammary ban be enough, or should all glands be kapu, too?


Shoe on the other foot, would people be up in arms to substitute the slang term for breasts with similar slang for the male anatomy? I’m not a child, but I’m not expecting to see those words, um, pop up here, either. The name of the restaurant is Hooters, fercryin’outloud. But are we here to talk about (lowercase) hooters or what (uppercase) Hooters serves?

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I’m OK with Johnson, unit, Mini Me, The Real Brain or whatever for the male convexities. So I don’t care about other feet and shoes.

To compare Hooters (the chain) with… um… (Sampson???)… Chest bars, we would need breast-centric language to do that. Really hard to censor ‘T^!!ies’ and not sound prudish or overly PC. Just sayin’…

Maybe we need a word (how about ‘Radish’) which we can substitute for all the myriad words that make anyone uncomfortable?

Watch your footing on that slippery slope. You’re now cleaning up words that even CH doesn’t object to and words that can be heard on network tv.

We are all adults here…and if you let the fbomb fly, it doesnt make sense that t*ts would be edit worthy.


Why didnt the person just say “hey, would you mind laying off the t#t talk, please”? I am sure folks would respect their wishes and move on. Not a biggie.

I am reminded of something that I read here, earlier. I cant remember the thread off the bat, but essentially it went like this : “please dont call me Cathy”…“Ok, sorry about that”…

THATS the way to do things.


Interesting that there’s a
problem with t*ts but not with fucking. Just sayin’.


I’d flag your ‘fucking’, but I worry it would be taken seriously…

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Everyone, please keep this in mind when you make a criticism of my handling of this matter- I don’t have a problem that you take issues when I make certain decisions, that’s a fact of life. But we are a small community, and you all are founding members of this community, and I ask, if you perceive issues with my handling within the community guideline set out in the FAQ, that you offer up an alternative, better solution so the community is stronger than before. I rely on all of you to build this community up as much as you rely on me to build the playground equipment up.

I will highlight the guidelines I am operating within:

“Civility – ‘Is it kind/ helpful?’ Please support a civil and respectful environment and use the forum to share knowledge skills and interests.”

This site is for age 13+. So please use language appropriate for PG13.

The park has minimal funding- leave it better than we found it.

Here’s my call to action to all of you. Please discuss your best solution to handle this.


Sorry. I just don’t get how you one word is OK and not the other. Either neither is OK or they’re both OK … or you should give an explanation as to why one is OK and the other not. I have my own preference, which I wouldn’t impose on others, but don’t see how this squares with your own words:

“This site is for age 13+. So please use language appropriate for PG13.”


That’s because I haven’t read the thread in detail at work. there were complaints about the specific word, so I went and dealt with it. I wasn’t aware of there were other words until it was brought up. But yes to your point, had I actually read the thread in full, they would either both be in, or out.

I have to be apologize because it isn’t HO where f*^king is used so often, it’s FTC. The one poster there, who uses it constantly, doesn’t post here. I really do have to sometimes check the URL to know where I am because of the layout being pretty much the same.

Also I suppose, in truth, PG 13 probably allows both words so long as a parent or guardian is along.


I still cant wrap my head around the fact that someone even bothered you with such nonsense.

All they had to say was “I find the T word offensive” and I am certain that folks would respect the request and not hold it against them.

No tit for tat…:blush:


There are pros and cons- pros is that you may potentially solve the issue, but that’s assuming everyone happens to see eye to eye on the issue or accept that different people have different tolerances. The cons is that if there are disagreements on what is and isn’t acceptable, which can be often, then it can quickly escalate into a complete mess.

Let’s see:

“Please get it together!”