Strange Twist: Chambers Ranges Revenant: Probably Not?

Now, I’m not saying this company is doing anything illegal. How could I know? But the vintage Chambers community is scratching its head. The original Chambers brand was sold in the late '50s and petered out. The name was affixed to other products until the late 60’s or so, and then was seen no more. Members of the collectors community have been told that the name and the logos are protected and cannot be replicated for new accessories.

Now comes this.

A member of the Chambers Rangers forum sent an email to the company querying the advert.

Posting this because 1) if you know of anyone who may be interested in this product, they might want to do their homework and 2) It just Galls Me. I own a 1951 90c Chambers and it is a thing of glory. To see the escutcheon on this new product . . . Well, it is a startling thing.

That being said, if some crazy-*ss Chinese engineers decided to bring back the essential Chambers technology in a high quality stove, more power to 'em. We’re trying to get to the bottom of it.

Obviously the price is a typo.

Has anyone else seen this product in the real, or adverts for it? Thoughts or information will be shared with my fellow Chambers cult*–er, fans.