Strange bar snacks?

What are some the strangest bar snacks you’ve tried, or seen but where to afraid to sample?

For me, it’s the Blind Robbin, which is basically fish-jerky. Or like salt-cod, but thin. Yeah, it’s salty. Haven’t seen them anywhere for many years.

This is what they look like:

Not so much strange as unusual (for me) – blisteringly hot som tam at a bar in Bangkok. Sadly, this was before I had any tolerance for spicy food.

Brilliant idea, tho… certainly kept the Singha’s coming :sunglasses:

A popular bar snack in Germany is Solei - salt-brined, hard-boiled egg. I don’t think I’ve actually ever tried it, but I certainly would.

And on a recent trip to SF, I had an absolutely amazing bar snack: beef tendon puffs. Like beef chicharrones. I could eat my weight in those.

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I was in a bar mid 90’s when smoking was still allowed. I grabbed a seat, pulled over the basket of assorted “bar snacks” crackers, pretzels etc. grabbed a handful threw them into my mouth and waited for the bartender to come take my order. {{chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing}} long after the normal crunchiness of such snacks wore off, it was still very chewy, to the point I decided to spit out what I had been chewing to find, someone had emptied an ashtray in the snack basked and I was chewing the filter of a cigarette.

I never ate bar snacks out of a basket again. :rage:

I can not fathom how disgusting that was. Blech.:scream:

I swear to God on my life, I gagged a little just recalling the story to type it here. It’s still that bad 20+ years later.

YUCK, even the thought of it was so disgusting! :cold_sweat:

Well, on the bright side, at least it was low-calorie?


Hmm…I would probably like those, but I don’t drink. Fish jerky, or dried fish, is not uncommon as a Chinese snack (though not necessarily a bar snack). Like dried cuttlefish, but there are some that use dried fish instead. Usually not just a salty profile though; more fishy and a mild sweet/salty taste…kind of umami-ish.

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I’ve had the dried cuttlefish, and liked them. The Blind Robbin does not have any sweetness. They have a similar texture, not really “jerky”, just not raw., but the salt factor is much greater. Alas, I do not believe they still being made.

I’ve had the crickets, grasshoppers, and silk worm pupa in Thailand. They were pretty decent, pretty much like any other fried crisp salty snack.

I did not eat the large scorpion or the tarantula. Have to draw the line somewhere.

I had a tarantula appetizer at a restaurant in Siem Reap. You chose a good place to draw the line.

A restaurant called Markt in Manhattan’s meat packing district used to serve live periwinkles at the bar. Those were pretty good, but a little creepy, because as you tried to pry them out of their shells with a toothpick, they shrank back. And in Capetown, South Africa, you can get antelope jerky at the Cableway Cocktail Bar on Table Mountain. I did not indulge.

Antelope jerky is something I would consume without second thought. I’ve had several “wild game” jerky’s, and frankly they all tasted pretty much the same, like the jerky seasoning.

On a more tame note, I used to see jars of pickled red beet eggs and pickled hot bologna on bars. I think those were Easter PA specific items.

There’s nothing inherently gross about it. I just don’t eat meat.

I would be all over those. Love eggs, love beets, love pickled anything.

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Ah, ok, didn’t pick up the vegetarian aspect.

The eggs are super easy to make at home. Just mix white vinegar and sugar to taste, dilute a little bit with water, add cooked beets and eggs. Wait two weeks.

There was a bar in the meatpacking district across the street from the Gansevoort Hotel/Rooftop Bar & One Lounge (now closed), the bar I’m mentioning use to serve hard boiled (and pickled) eggs as a bar snack. Do you remember the name of the place?

I use to spend a lot of time in the meat packing district about 10 years ago, great vibe to that area especially in the spring / early summer.

I had an outdoor exotic grill at my wedding, they had grilled scorpian, as well as rattle snake and many other “exotic” meats.

Hogs & Heifers BBQ was around there, I think, and might have offered pickled eggs. But the only place I know for definite sure had them was Riverrun in Tribeca.

I ate a tarantula from a roadside stall in Cambodia. Like a small hairy crab that’s been dipped in oil and left in the sun for a week. But when in Cambodia…

Two pictures from my trip - fancy bugs (ate), casual bugs (did not eat).

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No that wasn’t it, thanks for responding.

Stay the hell away from roadside stand selling tarantula!! That’s what I do when I’m in Cambodia!!