StoveTop Stuffing (missing mods)


I’m a fan of Stovetop Stuffing, but only when I doctor it with real veggies.

In the past I remember doing chopped onions and celery in butter (and maybe even broth instead of water). I had a recipe for this, and assume it came from the box as I have no record of it.

Well, my current boxes of SS have no mention of this. Didn’t see them on the Heinz/Kraft website either.

Yeah I could probably figure this out without too much trial and error, but do any of you know what I am talking about, and do you have quantities?

This is from Pepperidge farms off the web. Is this what you mean?


Yup, that’s close… but stovetop is 6oz… calls for 1.5 cups liquid, and 4 Tbsp butter. Think I’ll go with a half cup onion, half cup celery, half cup broth, and one cup water.

…and write it down if it works!