Storing spices close to stove shortens life span

I feel like the heat from my stove makes my spices go “bad” faster. But if I keep them further away, it disrupts my rhythm. Has anyone come up with an ingenious solution to this issue? Currently, I store them in a drawer right next to my stove.

If your refrigerator is within reach of the stove, there are many magnetic spice racks that will attach to the side or front of the fridge.

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I have a large cabinet to the right of the stove. All the spices are at hand, but far enough to not be affected by heat or steam.

Mine’s to the left :wink:

But they have to be close by. Some use to be on the counter by the stove but my wife got a wild hair and rearranged my spice cabinet to get them off the counter and now I can’t find anything :roll_eyes:

How about keeping your spices in something like a plastic fishing box or tool box? Put it on the counter with the lid open while you’re cooking, close it and put it away in a cool, dry place when you’re done.


I keep dried spices close to the stove . A lot of them need to be discarded . Truthfully I rarely use them . I always go out to the garden to pick fresh herbs used in my cooking .

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I bought a bunch of magnetized tins, adhesive paper and a large punch. Transferred the dried herbs/spices to the containers, labeled and most of them (24) fit on the old pull-out hood above the ovens. For the overflow we screwed a metal sheet to the inside of a nearby cabinet and stuck the rest there. One of the best things I’ve every done! Easy to see, they don’t get heat and the label blocks out light (it’s a dark corner anyway). I can finally find things!

[Gulp] How much longer would I have lived if I stored my spices elsewhere?

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I keep mine in 2 narrow upper cabinets next to the stove. I have a “masala dabba” (spice box) with my commonly used Indian spices that lives in one of those cabinets. Makes it easier for me when I cook Indian food to just pull out the one box and have everything in it. Everything else is in OXO POP square containers, stacked in rows in the cabinets, so I take those out as needed.

I have these: They work best with the “necky” bottles but will accommodate most other jars. You do need to plan better than I did - I attached one of the strips too low, so the jars hit the edge of the cabinet’s shelf and prevent the door from closing all the way.

don’t judge - I have two of these

They actually work really well – I then have a large square basket for all the short, squat jars.

Hey that looks good Sunshine. I might order a set

It hangs over the back of the pantry door.

I have the overflow on a pantry shelf.


My name is DoobieWah and I’m a seasoning addict.


I think you can order another one for your shoes.

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LOL - I was going to say the same!

@Gourmanda, is there any way you could post a picture or two? When you use your ovens, don’t the spices get heat? And did you screw the metal sheet on the inside of the cabinet door? If so, how do the spices not hit the shelves when you close the cabinet door?

Haha, when I wrote the title I was wondering how long before you showed up.

I have that same rack but my pantry closet is too far from my stove. Also, if I accidentally place a smaller jar near the edge, it falls off. I know what you mean about too many spices. I just used some toasted rice powder the other day and it ruined my dish. It was one from years ago I had forgot about. The fresher one was on another shelf. I always write the purchase date on the bottles, but never check it.

I appreciate all the suggestions. I’ll post back when I figure out what works for our style of cooking.

I found mine at Bealls Outlet for less than $10 each

Hi B,
For some reason I can’t pull up the pictures from my phone on my PC. Will try on another PC when I am at home.

No, the ovens get hot but don’t really put out a lot of heat unless I’m constantly opening and closing the door which I don’t usually do. So far flavor has not been affected.
Yes, the magnetic sheet is on the inside of the door. I just position the magnetic tins so they don’t hit the shelves…little trial and error at first but easy enough. I order a lot from MySpiceSage which packages things in plastic zip-top bags. So I ordered some great magnetic hooks for the sheet inside the cupboard and can hang the bags. The nutmeg grinder hangs from a hook as well.

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Very nifty. Thank you!

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