Stonington Reds

Has anyone else tried these most delicious locally sourced shrimp? They are by far the best shrimp I’ve ever had. We’ve cooked them on the grill, steamed them, sautéed, all ways so good. Ive never been that excited by shrimp until tasting these! Worth trying if you see them in your area.

Where are they locally sourced from, Elsie?

They are “Royal Reds” a deep water (1,000-2,000 ft.), offshore shrimp, caught usually 50-200 miles off the East Cost and in the Gulf of Mexico. Called by several nicknames like Stonington Reds in the Stonington, CT area after a fishing company.

They are usually caught as a by-fish when fishing for other of shore fish and shellfish.

Thanks for explaining. Roughly what size are these shrimp? Just curious.

I am curious how and where you bought them?

In the NYC area, they were not available last year. I haven’t seen them yet this year. They are wonderfully flavored, as others have noted.

I am in the New Haven area and find them at #1 Fish store. They are so much better than the ‘other’ shrimp that it’s almost like another species. The other shrimp are all grey colors when raw but the stonington reds are very red & pink when raw. Maybe its the freshness and the local availability.

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