Stonewall Kitchen Pancakes

I know, this is a weird topic. But when I use pancake mix I usually love this brand. I made a batch this weekend and they were awful and I’m trying to imagine what could have been wrong. I followed the directions exactly except us only had an extra large egg instead of a large. That is the only deviation. The batter was so thick it was almost like cement so I added more and more buttermilk. They still came out tasking like bad flour. I checked the expiration date on the can it it has a year to go. Any ideas - could it have been the larger egg or do you think something was wrong with the mix? FYI, I just bought it. Thanks.

The mix could have settled and benefitted by a full mixing by hand.
Bad storage during covid19 could be a culprit on turned dry ingredients.
Measuring by weight vs by eye can sometimes matter.
The egg can be adjusted with a tad more liquid but shouldn’t be the issue.

My layman’s guess is that either it is a bad dry batch or it needs a very aggressive stir to redistribute the contents of the dry mix.

How does the dry mix smell at room temp?

I had the exact same problem with that Stonewall Kitchen pancake mix. It’s almost as if the directions are wrong. I’ll try mixing it up in the container next time, and see if that makes a difference.

Thank you. So I contacted Stonewall Kitchen and they are sending me a replacement!



They are buttermilk pancakes, or is there something else? I’ve been looking for a replacement for Dean and DeLuca cornmeal pancakes.

The directions say you can use milk or buttermilk - I prefer buttermilk. Normally they are delicious

I learned a long time ago to send a letter or email these days. I wise old man I used to work with always said “that which you don’t correct you condone.” A letter got me and my husband a free meal at Jean Georges in NYC. We actually had an awful meal and service there and I complained (by snail mail at the time) and almost immediately got a letter back from the manager inviting us to dinner and explaining that JG hadn’t been there that night (my husband had food allergies at the time and was not accommodated). You know, the food was good at that free meal but I really hated the place… but that’s a story for another thread!


Would love to hear your JG story some time!

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Long story but I can message you of you like

So - my replacement pancakes arrived yesterday and I made them this morning. Delicious!!!

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It’s so great to hear there was a satisfactory an even more important delicious resolution to this issue! Well done on all sides!

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I’m very glad that it was a faulty batch and not someone’s favourite brand gone downhill. And glad they handled it the way they did.

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It’s funny, but those pancakes were delivered faster than some things I’ve ordered!