Stock pot handle- one hot, one cool?

Its a Cuisinart SS stock pot. I have had that pot for about 5 years. About a year in, one of the handle became hot to touch during cooking, while the other remained cool, versus previously both remained cool during cooking.

Question- why is that? the materials are the same. There is no observable damage.

And short of putting a e.g. silicone sleeve or use an oven mitt, is there anything I can do to ‘repair’, other than perhaps claiming warranty?


Wow, that’s a mystery! You’re not doing anything different?

What type of stove are you cooking on? If on gas, even a small change in position (or a change in how the gas is coming out of the burner itself) can cause the flame to extend beyond the pit differently, which could easily result in one hit handle and one not … just a thought.

Not that I am aware of!

Its one of those things that its mildly irritating. But not irritating enough for me to go replace the pot. and I never seem to guess right which handle is hot.

Gas. Maybe I will label the hot handle, and then rotate the handle 180C the next time to see if it makes a difference.

If the cold becomes hot, then I guess my stove has changed. If not, the mystery continues.

I have noticed that too after I moved to a gas range apartment. I think it is just that the flame/air draft the hot air to one side more than the other. If you rotate the pot by 180o, then it will be the other handle.

Wow. I just typed the same thing you did.