Steak Myths

None of these were news to me, but here ya go. I do wish they’d call it something other than “old wives tales”:

I think Kenji is overall right on so many things that I’m often ready to take what he says on faith [1]. But I don’t like cutting half through a steak to test doneness (which he says is fine). For a reverse-sear this is fine, but for a regularly cooked steak, I do think that cutting a slice through to test doneness results in more juice lost.

I mean, there is a huge difference in juice loss between a rested steak and non-rested steak. We’ve all seen that.

[1] This chicken leg pho recipe that I tried three days ago is one where he failed a lot, IMHO. It needed a lot more salt, first, and even with additional salt was weak overall on the pho flavors.

He does say to use this as your last resort.

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Correct, as always!

You have to differentiate between your gurus and gods.

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I have access to fabulous beef up here . No feed lot cattle. A two inch thick rib eye around two pounds is thirty dollars. It’s well marbled without that sour taste . I use the touch method . Comes out perfectly. Rare to medium rare . Salt and pepper. Couldn’t be easier.


To be fair to the article he did specify a “slit and peek”, not a “slice through”. Just sayin’. Personally I use an instant read thermometer and go by temp. Otherwise he explodes a lot of stuff you see all the time on cooking shows. Not sure I agree with all of it though.


I always get a kick out of online ideas like this. It’s like how to roast the perfect chicken. Should it cooked at 450* for an hour or low and slow @ 325*. Blah blah blah. I say if what you’re doing works for you than so be it. We s & p the steak, bring it to room temp and grill. Cook to almost doneness, take off and cover to redistribute the juices.

Btw: My mother always said never turn a steak more than once.:slightly_smiling_face:


For how many hours do you leave the steak out to reach room temp? 6? 8? 12?

He touches on that very point - jusr in case you’re commenting without having read the link.

I read the link and really wish I hadn’t wasted my time.


Would that we lived closer! We’d bring the wine.


You didn’t answer my question.

An hour ok?

We live in cold country. We bring out at breakfast.

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That’ll raise the temp by less than one degree. Maybe you keep your house at fridge temp :woman_shrugging:t3:

Oh please, like I said, the quest for how to cook a steak perfectly is absolute nonsense. To each their own.

Looks like your wish came true! I see “myths tales”!


I just don’t bother taking the (dry-brined) steak out of the fridge an hour or two in advance since it’s pointless.

Of course everyone has their own definition of / preference for the “perfect” steak.

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