Stay-at-Home Recipe

Not sure about you, but in our stay-at-home viral times, I have been watching LOTS of YouTube videos of recipes. I must have 80 links saved by now. Last night, I made with my son a Mexican (Veracruz) fish soup which was remarkably good, and it was interesting in that the ingredient list is simple (apart from the fact that one cannot find Epazote herb in Indiana) and the heart of the dish emerges from certain techniques (pan-roasting some elements, and carefully reducing others at liquid stages). To this recipe, I’ll only add that I departed from the script by using parsley and cilantro and also by pre-brining the shrimp and scallops. I was amazed that so much flavor could come from a dish with no actual spice:

Any other singularly killer recipes you’ve encountered because of being home more?


Loads of bread baking, dough shaping, developing sour dough starter, ways to use discarded starter, Milling flour using a blender.

Also watching channels on using whole spices, torching food, making chutney and following online cooking classes.

I especially like the portable aspect of learning. Any device, I can watch at one point and try it out later.

Well you’re a busy guy @Rooster! Interested to hear your experience with milling flour in a blender. I bought the dry mix container for the VM, with that in mind, but haven’t done so yet. I am using the container though, due to cabinet height after the remodel.

Started out buying a 5 lb bag of wheat berry on a great sale. Milled in 4-5 cup batches. VM container does all the work in 90 seconds. We also own the whipping container which is an excellent timesaver.

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Good to know, and thanks @Rooster!

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@BadaBing, Those peppers took care of all the spice needed…and the dry cough from chef more than proves it.

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