Starch in noodles?

Hey there HOs,

I have decided it’s about time I learned how to make some noodles. I thought I’d start with a Korean classic, Kal Guksu (knife cut noodles). While perusing some recipes/methods, I came across this:

In her recipe, she recommends adding some potato starch to the flour when making the noodles, and says it makes it chewier. I have a bunch of corn starch at home that never seems to get any use, so it got me wondering, can I sub potato for corn? Anyone have any experience adding starch to noodles?

I don’t think so.

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It’s not the same. I really like her site & I’ve made lots of the recipes on it. If she says potato starch that’s what it is. I tried substituting cornstarch with poor results. Try her spicy garlic fried chicken. It’s insanely good.

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