Standard Blender vs. "Bullet" Blender

Friends just gave us a “Nutri Ninja” for Chanukah. We have an old Hamilton-Beach blender. So I have a few questions:

  • What, if any, are the advantages of the Nutri Ninja over the Hamilton-Beach?

  • Do people use the Nutri Ninja for anything except smoothies?

  • Does the fact that the Nutri Ninja has only plastic containers affect the answer to the previous question? I’m a little leary of pureeing a jerk sauce or a ricotta sauce with garlic in a plastic container rather than a glass one.

(One factor for us is that we have discovered that Classico spaghetti jars have the perfect size mouth for the Hamilton-Beach, meaning we have literally dozens of containers we can use on the blender.)

(By the way, the spell-checker does not like any spelling for Chanukah.)

Regarding the plastic part of the question, my immersion blender has a plastic ‘bowl’ for its mini-FP and I’ve had no problem with taste or odor carry over. My blender hasn’t been used in years (should get rid of it) so I have no opinion on the rest of your question.

At one time I was considering the Nutri-Bullet but there were so many complaints about its power and quality of construction in its reviews that I never bit. But you’ve already got the appliance, so unless you have the choice to sell or return it, just use it and hope for the best. By the way, I have Ball and mayo jars that fit my Oster blender, and I suspect that most or all blenders accommodate that popular mouth diameter.

OT here, but the 11/30 episode of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” had a cute gag dealing with the various spellings.