Stand Mixer: Cuisinart v. KitchenAid

I’d like help deciding whether a 5.5qt. tilt-head Cuisinart mixer would be sufficient or if I should spring for a 5-qt KitchenAid. I’m finding lately that my KitchenAid handheld mixer isn’t cutting it. I’d prefer a stand mixer, both because it has a paddle (the handheld only has whisk beaters and dough hooks) and because I’m lazy and sometimes the handheld is messy and unwieldy.

I mostly bake cookies, quick breads, brownies, muffins, and simple cakes. Occasionally I’ll make a batch of pizza dough. I have a separate pasta machine (Phillips), so the roller attachment isn’t much of a consideration, as well as a stand-alone meat grinder.

The Cuisinart is about $100 less than the KitchenAid on sale (sale ends today! No pressure…).

I would like it to live on my countertop, preferably in the 18" under my upper cabinets – but that isn’t a dealbreaker. Lighter, cheaper, and a 3-year warranty seems appealing, but then again so does a suspended bowl and fancy name. Help!


I’d recommend the Kitchenaid for the following:

1.) It is decidedly analog, making adjusting its speed adjustment, brush replacement, and bowl clearance simple using only a screw driver.

2.) Its decades of engineering just makes it better at combining and whipping ingredients than other models.

3.) The internet is littered with parts suppliers and step by step videos for literally any adjustment or repair.

4.) Lot’s of accessories… the pasta roller is a game changer, and I love the 3qt bowl (which I use most often) and scraper paddle.

Not sure if the bowl-lift model will fit under your cabinets, but my Artisan tilt head does (and is probably lighter).


can’t cite any experience comparing the two.
but . . .
have a 20+year old lift bowl KA
get the new ‘spiral’ design dough hook

used for bread and pizza dough.
used for making real whipped cream.
used - with scraper paddle - for cake batter.
bought the ‘old style’ grater ‘kit’ - wonderful item for grating cups+ of cheese . . . ’

bottom line, I’m extremely ‘happy’ with the KA performance.

downers: I’ve tried - the spiral attachment grinder is garbage.
downers: do not buy the cheepo cheep=cheep plastic edge scraper paddle.
it’s plastic, it deforms, it clacks and clicks . . .


My 5 qt Kitchen aide is 18+ and going strong. I have the tilt head and it fit under my uppers before the reno. I would have to slide it out a few inches to use it but easy enough to manage.

I have 2 of the 5 qt bowls, and the 3 qt. I would like to get the glass one so I can soften butter right in it. Should put that on my Christmas list. I should get another paddle with the scraper too

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My 5 Quart Kitchen Aid is 30+, has the bowl lift mechanism, and is going strong.


Also to be mentioned all the older models have metal gear. Mine is 40 years old a lift bowl and I use it at least once a week to mix bread beside using it every week to bake something. Newer once have plastic except for the pro ones and classic models


Cuisinart makes excellent food processors. But for a standing mixer, I recommend the Kitchen Aid.
I’ve owned 2 KA mixers–currently using an Artisan–and it have no complaints. As @ScottinPollock mentions, it’s very easy to repair KA and there are many tutorials available. Parts and accessories are widely available. They won’t go out of style and can live in any kitchen.


Scrap paddle is great for creaming butter with sugar and eggs but beware if you use it to mix in flour. You will get a cloud of dust.

No comparison data but we have Cuisineart stand mixer and it is very good at all the different tasks for cooking, baking etc. We would buy it again

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Up until about 15 years ago, I was using my grandmother’s very ancient KA. It was slowing down, but I didn’t think about getting a new one until I cracked the glass bowl. My husband got me a new one with a metal bowl and put flame decals on each side. It works beautifully and looks so cool!


Note that the newer ones only have one plastic gear. It was designed as a failsafe against far more expensive damage due to a jam/overwork. It is rarely a problem, and easily replaced if stripped.


can only vouch for the Kitchen Aide. mine is 25 years old and works as well as the day i bought it.


Not a fan of the glass/ceramic bowls as I have just seen too many of them break. Why can’t you soften butter in a stainless bowl?

Set up an eBay search for vintage KA stand mixers, adding Hobart as a key word. If the gods smile upon you, you might find a deal. These are magnitudes better than modern models. More powerful motor, metal throughout, yada yada. They CAN go for more than new ones. I was very lucky some years back, being the only bidder because it was listed as a Hobart dough machine. $75 and it was mine!


I see no need for glass to soften butter. It should be quicker in metal! Glass is better for seeing if there is unmixed flour in the batter/dough but really, either is fine.

In the microwave.

Ahhh… maybe consider a small propane torch for the stainless bowl. Lot’s more control (especially if mixed with other stuff… like cream cheese). (c;

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No experience with the Cuisinart stand mixer, but I have been well pleased with their other products.
I’m on my second KA mixer, having given my older one to DD1. After the fact, I regretted it, because I think the older one is a better machine, and less noisy than the newer one. That said, haven’t had any problems with the 2nd one.

I used to have a five quart KitchenAid.

It struggled with bread dough or stiff cookie dough.

I now have a six quart and am saving up for a seven quart.


I have a 5-6qt KA with the lift (not tilt) head. It lives on my counter, but not under a cabinet. I have used it for everything under the sun, and my only “I wish it was different” things are:

  1. The front hole where attachments plug in - the cover fell off ages ago. (It’s in the silverware drawer.)
  2. The dough hook requires a minimum volume of dough, otherwise it just brushes over the top of the bowl contents. If memory serves, it was about 3C flour.

Not sure if you are a Costco member, but they have KA model KSM60SECXER for $400 right now - 6qt with the following attachments: Flat Beater, Flex Edge Beater, Dough Hook, Whisk, & Pouring Shield. (I got mine at Costco years ago because of their return policy, but I’ve never looked back.)

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