Stalk borer in my tomato plants?

Here’s someone removing one! I found a similar looking cat in two tomatoes from that plant. I thought she was going to cut herself with the boxcutter!

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Will you do this operation?

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Shrinkrap, you may be right, Helicoverpa zea, the Corn Earworm attacks tomatoes and lots of other vegetables, hence other names, such as Tomato Fruitworm. Bt var kurstaki or Berliner should control them, but constant coverage is necessary as it’s most effective on younger larvae.

Nasty bugs, they’re cannibals and will eat other insects as the get older!

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I got one!

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Yet another reason for having a plumber’s torch.

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I used a pot. grin

E T A I do have a torch, but not a plumber’s. Attaches to a can of something, a bit disappointing for what I’d intended.

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I’m going to start calling you the plant detective @shrinkrap! @bogman is the chief of the department as well as your mentor just for now. Good work!! 🪲🪳🦗

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Lol, I’m with @Auspicious on this one. Put that back…ugh. Life as a gardener is hard when you’re creeped out by bugs and wormy things.

You should have seen my refrigerator when I was taking various anatomy classes! Roomies didn’t try that twice!

Alright! The last thing you want is to have that thing mature and lay more eggs.

I think I would have bought my own fridge!

I can get you a Lowes link if you like.

Thank you! I believe we’ve exchanged torch pictures before. I really wanted a “searzall” for awhile,

but instead I got this butane one.

Garden pests notwithstanding, I don’t have room for another gadget.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold