Staining on new Mauviel copper pot?

Hello HO cookware people,

Has anyone seen this type of staining on a new copper pot? I haven’t tried copper polish yet. This one was going to be a gift and I have had it for a few months already new in box and recently under closer inspection I noticed a slight staining on the bottom.

I put a little dish soap water on it which did nothing. I don’t feel like I should have to apply copper polish when it is new in box. It’s too late to return to retailer, is this a Mfg warranty thing or should I just try a coat of the copper compound.?

This shouldn’t be an issue, Ross. Mauviel ships their copper pans with no protective coating. The packaging provides some protection against tarnish, but if you live in a marine environment, it’s not a lot. The pattern on your pan bottom looks a little like condensation or contact with a damp surface.

If this is intended as a gift, I would polish it just before you bestow it.


Thanks Kaleo,

Yeah I will just put a little polish on it and give as new. Now I think I may have a bigger problem in this crap apt. I am currently residing in…like mold. The retail box and retail paper bag are totally dry, but I have seen some dark mold spots on the baseboards. Which sucks, took some pics and sprayed vinegar on it. Haven’t heard the best things about that dark mold stuff for a persons health. Might be coming from AC unit.

I have only noticed this on one pot, all my other copper stuff seems fine. This piece was being stored in a location by itself, in possibly a condensation prone part of apt. Near window panes and corner where I found the mold.

Even milder than polish, try some vinegar. That looks like the Mauviel that has a pouring lip. Great pans.

Thanks Alexander, I will try the Vinegar first. Only stuff I have around is the healthy Apple Cider kind , besides a glass cleaner with Vinegar in it. I guess the Braggs should do the job.

And nope that pan is a straight sided 20cm 250c saucepan. I have yet to get my hands on the lipped Mauviels. They are 2mm and discontinued I believe.

You’re welcome.

Bummer about the mold. There is likely a water intrusion problem behind it. Until the landlord fixes it, you can try to beat it back chemically. I would prefer a dilute hydrogen peroxide spray. A friend gifted me a gallon of this 35% concentrate, which I keep in a 3.5% solution spray bottle for disinfecting. It’s actually useful for a lot of things.