Spring Soup!

I love cooking this time of year, with all the tender spring veg becoming available. Any season is a good time for soup in my book, but especially now.

Today I made a quick chicken, kale and bean soup inspired by Minimalist Baker. I’m listing here a few other favorites, also.

What are yours?


One of my favs is cream of asparagus soup/bisque, puréed. Delicious. I’ve got others I can’t think of right now.


The stock from cooking a gammon joint is in the freezer, waiting to be turned into soup. We have a good litre.

Rather than any particular recipe, our soups are always based on using up vegetables that have passed their best. So, assuming it gets made in the next couple of weeks, I’d expect to be including carrots, spring greens, onion and new potatoes. Peobably throw in a tin of cannelini beans as well. And I’ll be insisting that Mrs Harters bakes some bread to go alongside


I had the nicest cream of asparagus soup at Café Sabarsky on a visit to NYC in May 2018!

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Green borscht (sorrel)

I had a really nice spring minestrone once, without tomatoes, with basil, which I haven’t tried making.


Cream of asparagus, the brothy Thai curry from the NYT, and the lemony white bean & shrimp stew, also from the NYT - making the latter for our poker crowd tonight :slight_smile:


I love okroshka - especially when it is made from kvass.

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I was ‘gifted’ the bone from the Easter Honeybaked ham by our in-laws this year. I used the recipe for ham bone and split pea soup and it was delicious. Two things: there was a LOT of meat on the bone, which added I lot I think, and added to the flavor with a bit of Worcestershire sauce at the end. I used our stick blender just a bit too.


We tend to eat this cream of celery soup during the early days of spring. That topping is so delicious!

A version of this zucchini poblano soup is another one of the “lighter” soups we like to make.

Like others, cream of asparagus soup is a spring favorite, as is a pea soup made with frozen peas and pesto.

I’m currently making a big pot of lentil soup since it’s supposed to be in the 50s and rainy this week, after several sunny days with temperatures in the 80s.


Love that bean & shrimp dish. :heart_eyes:

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I made an ad hoc “Spinach Soup”

Chicken stock, spinach (duh), and toasted pine nuts.



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