Spring 2024 (Apr-Jun) Dish of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

It doesn’t quite feel like it here in the Northeast, but Spring has sprung and it’s time for a new Dish of the Quarter! What do you feel like cooking/eating as Mother Nature gets revved up after her winter nap? Please nominate dishes in ALL CAPS. I’ll leave the nomination thread open until Thursday, March 28. Thanks HOs!

@biondanonima Would it be possible to link the last few nomination / voting threads and the previous winners list each time to remind everyone of previous ideas? Thank you for keeping this going!

SAVORY EGG CUSTARDS – European, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and all the rest.


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I like Saregama’s ideas, but would broaden the first to SAVORY EGG DISHES. Can get on board, also, with SAVORY TARTS AND GALETTES.

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Lost of previous winners for reference: Master list/links for Dish of the Quarter

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Gonna make SAVORY EGG CUSTARDS happen or die trying.


bla bla bla sentence.

Thanks everyone! Happy voting: Spring 2024 (Apr-Jun) Dish of the Quarter - VOTING