Spring 2022 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

Hi HOs - welcome to this quarter’s COTQ voting thread! Please cast your vote (one vote per HO, please) by clicking the knife-and-fork icon on the appropriate post below. FYI, this quarter I narrowed down the nominations by passing the four cuisines with the most mentions in the nomination thread on to the voting round - I think this will be our method going forward (and I will explain this in next quarter’s intro). Thanks in advance for your participation - let the voting begin!

ETA: Voting will close at 5pm on Thursday, March 31. Happy voting!


Like this post for ETHIOPIAN.

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Like this post for PORTUGUESE.


Like this post for SARDINIAN.


Like this post for UKRAINIAN.


By the way, the voting thread for Dish of the Quarter is also open - come join us! Spring 2022 (Apr-Jun) Dish of the Quarter - VOTING

Just a note, everybody can change their vote within 1 day after clicking/unclicking “like”, after that time limit “like” can’t be modified, please inform @biondanonima by posting here your final choice.

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Wow, this was a close one! UKRAINIAN is our big winner, beating out Portuguese by a single vote. The official thread is here: UKRAINIAN - Spring 2022 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter Thank you to all participants - I look forward to exploring the cuisine and culture of Ukraine in depth with you this quarter!

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