Spring 2019 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

We have some great nominees this time around - I’ll leave the voting open until Friday! Please choose your favorite by clicking the knife-and-fork icon on the appropriate post below (one vote per person, please).

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Click here for BENGALI.

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Click here for ETHIOPIAN.

Click here for ISRAELI (LEVANTINE).


Click here for TURKISH.


(bumping this up to the top of the list)

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Difficult choice, everything looks good. My final choice will be probably between levantine and bengali, still hesitating.

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Question, isn’t ISRAELI / LEVANTINE cuisine includes TURKISH?

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Certainly there are similarities, although in the wikipedia article @paprikaboy linked on his nomination post, it says that Levantine only encompasses parts of Southern Turkey. I quite honestly don’t know enough about the food of Northern Turkey to say whether the regional differences are great enough to warrant a separate nomination - happy to hear from experts on this topic, though!

This article on Turkish cooking might help. Not that it is divided into north and south, but east and west.


Looks like ISRAELI (LEVANTINE) is the winner by a vote, with TURKISH a close runner-up. Lots of interest in that part of the world for this quarter so nice that we can include both under the Levantine umbrella!