Spring 2018 (Apr-June) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

Hey HOs! Sorry I’m a bit late with this thread this quarter, but spring has taken its sweet time getting here so I forgot that the calendar quarter had arrived! Anyway, what tickles your fancy for springtime cuisine? I’m in Germany right now, where the warming temps mean asparagus season, a very important time of year for this Spargel-obsessed land! Personally, I’m more excited about rhubarb, ramps and early strawberries, but to each their own. Hit me with your best ideas in ALL CAPS below! I’ll leave the nominations open until Sunday evening and then we can get to voting.

Why not GERMAN, you will be our source of inspiration! German cooking is stereotyped as heavy, maybe you can cast some light on this.

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I’m no expert, but I am surely well-positioned to learn! Maybe @linguafood will also come and lend her expertise!

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I just might :smiley: