Spot-Prawns Season 2023 - Yummy first meal!

" BC Spot Prawns Season 2023 " - Enjoying these sweet and succulent delicacies at ‘Top-choice, Markham’ for the first time this year with family members. Great food with great company!

Shallow wok-fried and finished off with a savory and slightly sweet ’ Maggi/Top Soy ’ glaze. These ‘centre-stage stars’ were paired with a couple of off-dry Alsace Grand Cru and German Kabinett Gewurtztraminer…Perfecto!!

The other delectable, ‘supporting cast’ dishes include:

  • Rose essence premium top-soy poached free-range chicken
  • Stirred fry Chinese kale ( Gai-Lan ) with sliced Veal
  • Stirred fry Yellowfin Grouper with Asparagus & King mushrooms
  • Deep fried crispy jumbo BC oysters with honey peppered glaze
  • Steamed minced pork patty with sun-dried salted fish
  • Sweet and Sour Pork
  • Complimentary silken Tofu dessert

Nicely executed with fair amount of wok-hay presence amongst the stirred fry dishes. Only disappointment was the slightly overcooked and under-seasoned soy-sauce chicken. Pity the visual appeal was not matched by the taste profile! You win some, you lose some! sigh!


Everything you ordered looks great and we love spot prawns - just had them last week in San Francisco. However I am always tempted by a good steamed pork, so will have to keep this place in mind.